I haven’t even moved in yet and I already hate him

So I imagined I would be excited about moving into my first flat, but my future flatmate has already turned into an absolute nightmare. To begin with, he tried to overcharge me 300 pounds on the deposit, which the landlord thankfully caught. He tries to claim innocence but seeing as his own deposit was the right amount and the previous tenant ( a friend of his ) hadn’t paid their half of the rent which is suspiciously close to 300 pounds, I’m skeptical.

THEN it turns out he never got the other tenant to hand in their key, so I’m moving in tomorrow and he’s the only person with a key at all. It has apparently not occurred to him that I might need one, even though the landlord’s nephew has had to remind him of it.

He claimed to have no idea where the electricity meter was despite having lived there for a year, and I was told immediAren’t by the landlord. He couldn’t give me an energy reading because there were ‘problems’ and despite me being a student is expecting me to pay council tax I am exempt from.

The last straw is this morning. With no explaination or promise to have it resolved soon, he apparently doesn’t have the bed I I paid for as part of the contract.

Im not looking forward to moving in.
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