Gross & aggresive

I could not think of a worst situation with a roommate. Weeks at a time the garbage will be full, dirty dishes, cigarette butts stacked, and smells awful. He basically lives for next to nothing and makes 2x as much as we do. He doesn’t care and poor mouths to every person available. Past weekend took the cake, straight lied and had to miss our nephews birthdays. Slammed the door and completely trashes everything. Stays dirty and lies constantly,but almost a year’s record of his mess keeps me sane.
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3 Responses to Gross & aggresive

  1. Lisa Young says:

    Sounds Like A Fucking Nightmare. I Know EXACTLY The Type Of Trashy And Fucked Up Assholes You’re Talking About, Thanks For Being Bothered By The Same Low Class Principles So I Feel Less Alone

  2. Lisa Young says:

    That Seriously Sucks. What An Immature Fucking Brat

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