Got You All Beat

Yup. Last year I was renting out the spare bedroom in my house to my mother’s alcoholic younger stepbrother. I left town for the weekend and got a call from my mother Saturday night. Her asshole brother was smoking in his bedroom. I told him when he moved in that there was no smoking in the house. He fell asleep with a lit cigarette and burnt my house down. How’s that for the worst roommate?
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2 Responses to Got You All Beat

  1. oldhat says:

    I had a roomie that almost burnt down my apartment. He wanted to barbecue. It was raining out so what did the idiot do? He brought the grill into the kitchen, filled it with charcoal, dumped practically a whole bottle of lighter fluid on it then threw a match in it. I ran into the kitchen screaming my head off at him, grabbed the fire extinguisher and put it out. Know what he said? “But I left the door and the windows open so it wouldn’t smoke up the place.” Idiot.

  2. jimmydelicious says:

    yep, you win. holy shit.

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