So I’ve always had a horrible roommates, but these two were by far the worst. They were A male and a female, let’s call them G and K. I had known K since high school, and we are close friends although she was a horrible influence on me. She had convinced me to move in with her and her friend G. We all lived in a one bedroom house, G lived in the bedroom, K lived in the study, and I lived in the study’s closet. I’m naturally a very patient person, so this didn’t bother me. Things started out well, Jihad a job, K was going to school, and I took care of the house. Things started to go downhill as soon as G lost his job due to an “injury” that didn’t exist. Since rent still had to be paid, I went out and got a job at a store down the street. I had a job up until the day we moved about six months later.

They would sit at home all day and watch Netflix or play video games. There’s a natural disaster that process to move, so they decided where they wanted to move without me having any say in where we were going. They forced me to sell my car and everything I own to move all the way across the country with them. Things only got worse when K got pregnant. They justify their laziness with “injuries” that they didn’t have or disabilities that didn’t exist. After we moved I got another job which barely kept us afloat because the money we made selling my car was gone in a month on things they “wanted”. So I went to work, came home, and the house was a wreck. So after a long day at work I would still clean up after them, clean the dishes, and go to bed. These were the kind of people who controlled everything I did. I was afraid to say no to them because of what they might do. If I ever said no or argued, it would start a huge fight between us and I would end up backing down and going to my room. They were manipulative, controlling, and overall abusive people . When K gave birth, I was still working and neither of them had jobs. I would come home and they would make me take care of their child, feed her, change her, and basically raise the child for six months. They forced me to do every single chore in the house and make the money, but still somehow made me feel like I wasn’t contributing. The final straw was when they invited a group of their friends over without telling me late at night. I normally wouldn’t have a problem with this but the next day, I invited over my boyfriend who I have been seeing for a few months. They were yelling at me about putting the baby bottle nipples in the dishwasher because they thought they would melt, so my boyfriend I went to bed. G came banging on my door at one in the morning to yell at me about the nipples. My boyfriend had been telling me for the last month that these people were using and abusing me, and I should move out. So I went outside to oblige G to see what all the fuss was about. It started out about the nipples in the dishwasher, but quickly moved on to how I had invited my boyfriend over without telling them even though they did the same thing with their friends the light before. I had been yelled that and abused by these people for too long, so I decided to go back for the first time. This sparked a huge fight that began to get physical when G raised his fist and tried to hit me. My boyfriend heard this and came running out. It was then that I told them I was moving out and they can fend for themselves. We went for to my boyfriends house for the night, and came back the next day when we knew they were going to get all my stuff. These people pretended to be my friends for two years just so that I would pay their rent, pay their bills, by the food, clean their house, etc. they made me feel like I did nothing to contribute so I would put in more effort. These are the worst kinds of people, and I am still getting over the abuse they did to me. The lesson here is: never move in with friends, especially if they are manipulative liars.
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  1. jess says:

    Ummm… They definitely sound like crappy people, but they didn’t “force” you to do anything.

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