Foot Dust and Nudity

This happened a couple years ago, and it is still horrible to even think about. I am a girl, and I was about 20 years old. I shared a room with a girl my junior year of college, which was not new to me as I had a shared room since beginning college, to save money. I have gotten along easily with all my other roommates, and had few problems, but this roommate was different. I decided to simply have a roommate assigned this semester, to simplify things. She was a very odd girl, and had some strange habits, and honestly seemed a little bit crazy. This would not turn me off for being her friend, but she also made it clear she wasn’t looking for friends.

This wasn’t too big of a deal, as I spent little time in the apartment, and I had other people to spend my time with. Anyway, over the time I spent living with her there were a couple horrifying situations that happened again and again. First was she spent a lot of time in the room completely naked. I would come home, knock on the bedroom door to make sure it was okay to come in, she would yell out “come in!” and simply be standing there alone completely naked when I opened the door. I would always say something along the lines of “oh, shit!” and jump out of the room, closing the door behind me. This happened about a dozen times throughout the semester. I understand seeing your roommate naked is just a part of college, but it happened over and over again, with no warning, and no apparent reason for her to be naked in the first place. I am not the type to chill in the bedroom with my naked roommate. Another thing she did was file her feet a couple times a week in the bedroom. She would sit on her bed, and file away at the bottom of her feet, until the foot dust piled up on the file, then she would blow the foot dust off the file ONTO MY BED! I don’t think she realized she was doing this. The bedroom was small, and the beds very close together. I do not believe at all she was trying to be mean or gross, this was just normal for her. I realize I should have said something to her about how this bothered me, but it was so bizarre and I did not know how to bring it up with her (as we had not developed any sort of friendship) that I just let it go each time. Thinking about those clouds of foot dust floating through the air, landing on my bed, still makes me gag to this day.
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