After the majority is cleaned, she walks downstairs to comment on the “smell” of the house, in which I tell her that she can clean the upstairs bathroom. The bathroom had urine, feces, puke, and booze all over it just like the other two bathrooms that I had cleaned to perfection. She rolled her eyes and walked away. That night I came home to see that nothing was done, mind you she was still using the toilet covered in human fluids. In a fit of rage I took her belongings in the bathroom and threw them in the toilet.
The next day I find that she took her items from the toilet but still refused to clean the room, all the while STILL using the biohazard covered toilet. So finally I took the lightbulbs, doorhandle, AND shower curtain out of the bathroom. The best part: SHE STILL USES THE ROOM!!!!! no lights, no door, and no shower curtain and she is in there more regular than the sun coming up every day.
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