So I go to a medium sized school in the middle of Michigan thats known for its hockey, pharmacy, optomotry, enginineering, and the end of the year bash called FerrisFest. The actually event is on campus, but over 2000 people show up to the apartment complex I live at each year to party. This year, along with the last two years here, my apartment got trashed by the random people walking in and using the bathrooms. It comes with the territory. Anyways, the next day our lazy roommate that weve already had problems with decided that she would put a handful of cans into the return bag and call it quits. My other roommate and I cleaned and sanitized the entire house, except for the upstairs (where me and the lazy girls rooms are).

After the majority is cleaned, she walks downstairs to comment on the “smell” of the house, in which I tell her that she can clean the upstairs bathroom. The bathroom had urine, feces, puke, and booze all over it just like the other two bathrooms that I had cleaned to perfection. She rolled her eyes and walked away. That night I came home to see that nothing was done, mind you she was still using the toilet covered in human fluids. In a fit of rage I took her belongings in the bathroom and threw them in the toilet.
The next day I find that she took her items from the toilet but still refused to clean the room, all the while STILL using the biohazard covered toilet. So finally I took the lightbulbs, doorhandle, AND shower curtain out of the bathroom. The best part: SHE STILL USES THE ROOM!!!!! no lights, no door, and no shower curtain and she is in there more regular than the sun coming up every day.
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2 Responses to FerrisFest

  1. Rae says:

    I’m not sure whether to laugh or be disgusted, or both! Wow!

  2. zalia says:

    Is Ferris Fest for Ferris Bueller’s Day Off?

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