Feline Friends

Much to my dismay this is very real and I wish I was making it up; I’ll keep it semi short. My roommate knows I work an 8-4 schedule excluding weekends. He however works 1 day a week and he is what people would identify as a recluse. Stays in his room constantly and he has no drive to do anything. That’s fine, live your life the way you want to. I came home earlier than expected from work one day and thought what the hell, I’ll see if he wants to go out somewhere(as I think it is very unhealthy to be inside that much). I open his door and much to my shock I find him kneeled down with his cat looking at her from behind and sticking what looked like cotton swaps into her vagina.
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4 Responses to Feline Friends

  1. Jack says:

    Sorry, rated this 1 star by accident – this sounds awkward 🙁

  2. Bemused says:

    WTF! Call the Humane society or SPCA or whatever animal welfare authority you have. That is completely fucked up and bestiality is illegal. How awful for that poor cat 🙁 My gawd!

  3. JT says:

    Did you think to ask him what he was doing? It might have been something like trying to get something out of the cats butt, or doing something necessary. I know it sounds gross and alarming, but there may be a really good legitimate reason for that. It might not have been cotton swabs, might have been something to grab string or something. It wasn’t like he was standing there with his dick in hand, banging the cat.

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