Don’t offer a friend in need a place to stay for free!

I went to a commuters college right after high school, so I still lived with my mom at the time. My second semester I ended up sharing 3 classes with the same guy, very heavy, extremely gay, awesome to talk to and hang out with between classes. After about a year he told me his parents were kicking him out, since his grades weren’t that great. Mine weren’t either (I’ve never been a great student) so I sympathized and said I would talk to my mom about seeing if he could stay with us for a while. My mom is cool with it, saying he could use the guest bedroom, free of charge.

The day before he moves in he comes over so I can give him a key, show him his room, and give him a tour of the house. The first thing he says when he sees his room was “oh, it’s not a king bed” I just looked at him and was like “no, the room isn’t big enough and all the beds in the house are full size.”
“My bed at home is a king” my thoughts were, well good for you but your parents kicked you out so you get a full. What did he expect us to do, but him a new bed?

Now his room was on the main/upper floor of the house, along with my moms room. My room is in the finished basement and happens to be the biggest. As soon as he saw my room (the room I’ve lived in for 10+ years at that point) he asked me to switch. Uh no, I’m not moving all my stuff into the much smaller room just to make you happy. He leaves but still moves in the next day.

Now I mentioned that I wasn’t a great student but I have great work ethic (I’ve only called out sick a handful of times in the 10 years I’ve been working). I don’t know how this guy ever had money because he was ALWAYS calling out sick, he wasn’t even sick either. Whenever I asked him why he didn’t go to work he would just shrug and say “didn’t feel like it so I called out.” I figured he bought his own food so what did I care if he called out, except he always called me at work to ask me stupid questions “the dog wants to go outside, what do I do?” For the 5th time let him out. “What time do you get off?” the same time I do everyday. I don’t mind if he needed something, but this was just excessive.

He also took up the WHOLE couch when he sat down. Now I mentioned he was a bigger guy but when he sat down on a couch that sits 4 comfortably, there was literally no room for anyone else, not because he was so big but because he spread out. He arms where stretched out beside him, legs spread as wide as possible. Leaving very little room for my mom or I
to sit down. That more than anything pissed my mom off because when she got him from work she relaxed by sitting on the couch watching tv and no matter how often we asked him to move,

I finally realized that he really didn’t care about anyone but himself. A couple things made it clear that I had not judged him correctly at school. This dude LOVED meeting up with guys on Craigslist. Every night he was on there looking to hook up with a stranger. I had no problem with this except the few times he wanted me to try it or tried to show me the dick picks guys sent to him, I’m prudish about my own sex life but don’t judge/care about anyone else’s. My ONLY problem buying klonopin online If he found a guy who was married with kids, he would do anything possible to get the guy to meet up with him. Now I know that my room mate is not to blame about these men deciding to cheat on the mother of their children, but when I asked my room mate if he cared about what that would do to the children he just answered “who cares.” I left it at that and never brought it up again.

There was also one time I got really sick and had to miss school for the day, like couldn’t even see straight sick. At the time I was carpooling to school with another friend, so I called her (went to voicemail) and told her I was sick. She called back an hour later panicked because she thought I had left without her. I guess she didn’t listen to my message. I told her I was sick and to go to school without me, it was her turn to drive anyways. I went back to sleep. An hour after that my father called me. I told him I was sick and after he wished me well and hung up I decided to turn off my phone because I didn’t want anymore phone calls. About an hour later roommate knocks on my bedroom door, loudly. I open the door slightly pissed at this point, “what?”
“The dog is in the basement” something that isn’t allowed.
“Because I wanted to see if you wanted anything from McDonald’s and you weren’t answering your phone.”
“I’m sick so thank you but no” grab the dog bring him upstairs and go back to bed.
I was fine the next day and continued about my life.
The next week room mate was sick, and wrecked the house because of it. He left 7 different mugs with teabags in them all over the living room, there was probably 2 empty tissue boxes of dirty tissues spread out. Dirty plates of food and wrappers and he’s once again spread out across the entire couch. I was at work and called the house phone to ask if we had milk. It only rang once which told me he was right next to the phone when it rang. He made a big sigh of exasperation, moaning as if in pain, when I asked him to check the fridge for milk. The phone is attached the the cupboard attached to the fridge, 3 steps. I get home, with milk, and see how trashed he’s made the house. I start cleaning it up, thinking how pissed my mom will be to come home to a house like this. I clean up one section of counter and room mate decides to help by dumping his mess from the living room to the clean counter space and sit back down on the couch, moaning pittifully.

After this I asked him to move out. He moved back in with his parents, he’d only been with us a month.
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2 Responses to Don’t offer a friend in need a place to stay for free!

  1. Lisa Young says:

    Great Story. I Know EXACTLY The Type Of Shamelessly Selfish And Inconsiderate People You’re Talking About, Thank You So Much For Articulating Their Whack Ass Fucking Absence Of Honor And Gracious Etiquette So Perfectly

  2. Valeris says:

    My friend’s boyfriend invited his friend to room with them for a while, against my friend’s wishes. The roommate claimed that he just needed a little bit of time to get back on his feet. Well, about 8 months and a cockroach infestation later, my friend’s idiot boyfriend finally kicks this guy out. Coincidentally, the now ex-roommate was able to get a job like a week later. He also threatened to sue my friend and her boyfriend for about $50 for some of his stuff that he threw out in an attempt to combat the cockroach infestation that HE caused. Meanwhile, he owed my friends around $2000 for rent, but since my friend’s boyfriend is an idiot he doesn’t have much of a basis for that claim. He insists a verbal agreement is legally binding, and technically it is, but it’s also difficult to prove.

    Honestly, if I was getting a free place to stay I’d be a lot nicer and help around the house, instead of complaining all the time and making a mess. Beware of people who “just need to get back on their feet”, ESPECIALLY if the reason they can’t get a job is because they do drugs all day. Some people are trying and will pay you back and then some, but others aren’t

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