Don’t move in with your best friend.

A few years ago, I had recently met up over Facebook with a girl I had known for years. We weren’t super close before, but after we started talking over Facebook we realized that we were basically the same person! That we had tons in common. Quickly, we became best friends. Let’s call her W.
Despite living several hours apart we spent many weekends together, having the time of our lives. However, after about 5 months, my family was moving across the country and I was going, also.
W decided to come, too. So she and I got an apartment together. And at first it was grand, we spent our nights eating takeout and enjoying life as best friends. But then she met a guy, J.
Now I had nothing against her dating- I dated a lot, I had one short-term boyfriend and a few flings here and then.
But never would they come over without her permission, and we never spent time out in the open unless she was okay with it.
Now, my tv was in our living room, which was fine for the first 4 or 5 months, but J would come over all the time, uninvited to surprise her, and they would use /my/ tv, and if it was my turn to pick the movie(he was actually very kind to me, honestly.) they would mock it through the entire thing or get bored or whatever.
Fast forward a few more months, W had become less social toward me, and our relafionship got rocky. Her relationship with J would snag and she would take it out on me.
And sometimes she was downright crazy.
It was the middle of summer in arizona and she flat out refused to allow me to run the air conditioner!!! I even said I would pay whatever it cost over our usual bills. But she would come home from work and turn off the a/c while I was sitting right there. Or would turn it off while I was sleeping and I would wake up disgusting and soaking wet with sweat.
It was absolutely miserable, and she would hardly say a word to me most days.
Anyway, I had gotten a new job and it was rather far away and I had mentioned moving closer to the job once our lease was up.

Apparently she took that to mean, I wanted to leave asap.
So one day I was at work and W texted me to tell me that she needed me to move out within two weeks because her sister wanted to move in to my room. I was taken aback, but didn’t really want to drag it out.
Over the next week, we barely spoke, and I found a person renting a room on Craigslist who seemed pretty legit and not terrifying.
Then after that week, her sister moved into our living room while I was at work. Everything she owned was in our living room, and to make matters worse W had begun to pack up my things because clearly I wasn’t doing it fast enough.

Anyway, finally the day came for me to move out and my parents came to help, and I cleaned the room and bath and hired someone to clean the carpet and W’s mom called on the phone to try to get W’s sister to inspect that it really was clean and that I wasn’t lying.
My mom, thankfully, was with me and basically told them to shove it and we went up to the main office to tell them that the sister had already moved in illegally without permission from them, but nothing ever came of it.
I had signed all of the paperwork to remove me from the lease but apparently W never took me off, I recieved constant emails and phone calls from the complex about stupid things and finally I just ignored them.
After the beginning of the month in my new home, W texted me to tell me I owed her money for a meal she had bought me, and that I owed her her half of the electric deposit(they only gave me one portion back!) and I told her she could just take it out of my deposit on the apartment.
I never heard from her again, but her brother still hits on me from time to time over Facebook, and her crazy mom likes all of my posts.
The people I moved in with were really great and we never had any issues at all, I recently moved to another state and they told me they would probably never find such a great roommate.
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