Don’t know

Ya, so I don’t do the smartest things in the world every once and a while. My roommate is bi and he told me that like the first week we was rooming together. I teased him about it and he teases me back by calling me hot and sexy and shit like that. Anyway a couple months ago we got a little messed up drinking a bottle of Jack I snuck into the room and like he started to tease me and come on to me and shit and it was kinda making me hot cuz we was so wasted and I ended up fooling around with him. I felt like shit for a while after that like really weird and stuff and sorta couldn’t believe I did that. It’s like I slept with another guy and it was fucking weird knowing that cuz we kissed and everything. What was weirder was like the next morning he wakes up and we’re laying in our beds and he’s telling me how hot is was and everything and I didn’t know what to say so I’m like saying “ya it was hot” and shit like that.

Anyway so he sorta stops teasing me and stuff for a while and I’m not bringing it up or anything then like a couple three or four weeks later we was out partying and we get back to the room. I climbed into bed and shut my light off and so does he and I’m just falling asleep and he turns on his light and gets out of bed and takes off his shorts and comes over and sits on the edge of my bed and puts his hand on my shoulder and asks me if I feel like fooling around again and I’m thinking oh shit and tell him not really. So he asks me if I’m sure and pulls back my covers and starts feeling me up and telling me how hot I am. I told him not really and to just go to bed and whack off or something and he gets up and goes back over to his bed. So anyway he started to come on to me more and more doing shit like one night I was studying and he says he’s going to bed then gets undressed and walks over and starts rubbing my shoulders telling me I need to relax and stuff. Then a couple weeks ago we go out and get really wasted. I don’t even remember leaving the party and the next morning I wake up and he’s in bed with me sound asleep and we’re both naked. I like didn’t say anything to him all day and he was sorta quiet too but for the last couple weeks he keeps telling me how horny he is and shit and coming on to me so I tell him I don’t wanna do it so he just whacks off in bed then goes to sleep. Its really bugging me now so like on Saturday night he’s at it again and I tell him he’s sorta pissing me off and to just stop cuz I don’t really wanna do that shit and he gets all mad at me and we end up getting into an argument and now I can’t wait for this semester to end and he’s all pissed and me and I’m all pissed at him. He’s a nice guy and everything and I don’t really mind hanging around with him but the dude is a fucking horndog and all he thinks about is sex. He always was telling me he wants to room with me again next year and now I don’t know if I really want to. I just don’t know.
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3 Responses to Don’t know

  1. freebee101 says:

    Dude, you’re getting all gay with him, liking it then bitching about it.

  2. freewillie124 says:

    I had to laugh a bit at this story. My sophomore year in college I was that roommate- yes, I “seduced” my supposedly straight roommate early on in the school year when we both got more than a little drunk one evening. Ended up “seducing” him (didn’t take much seducing) a couple more times after some parties. Finally one night- both of us stone-cold sober and worn out from midterm exams- I walk into the room after shooting a few rounds of pool down the hall and he got up from his desk without saying a word, walked up to me and undid my pants and pushed me down onto his bed.

  3. Otubu says:

    Thnnikig like that shows an expert at work

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