Don’t ever move into a property you haven’t inspected fml

I just stumbled across this website and thought I’d share the most infuriating, worst experience of sharing a house I’ve had.

I had to get out of my previous place ASAP, and although I knew the two girls I was moving in with well (or so I thought), it was super rushed and I didn’t assess the situation well before I moved in because I hadn’t even seen the place. So anyway, these girls, let’s call them Bec and Sam, they’d rented this house fairly impulsively and had no idea how to even simply maintain a house. They hadn’t cleaned the bathrooms once, hadn’t had the lawns mowed at all or the kitchen properly before I’d moved in (a sum total of 5 months).

They had this great system going of piling up the rubbish as high as possible, and smelling of rooting feet before taking the initiative to empty it. Still can’t figure out why, but they always kept the windows and doors shut up completely, so no fresh air got in (unless I opened it, which would very quickly be closed) and it just stunk so bad. They’d damaged the property pretty badly. Holes in walls, mailbox knocked out, fly screens pushed out, scratches all over the flooring. It was such a shame because the house was brand new. Bec never showered, I mean barely ever. She left crusty underwear all over the floor, excessive food left in her room which how suprising, brought a family of animals to also move in. Bec was also in a shitload of debt (credit cards and loans maxed out on stupid shit) and super bad with a budget. Constantly, she would not pay a utility bill but go and get a new tattoo or dye her hair. We had the Internet cut off twice times in the first 4 MONTHS I lived there due to her spending the money Sam and I would give Bec on herself rather than the bill. This resulted in a huge fight between us all but resulted in me taking care of the bills. Sam then bought two kittens without consulting anyone which I wouldn’t care about except for the fact our lease agreement is strictly no pets. I zipped my mouth but had a verbal agreement with Sam that I didn’t want any of my furniture to be ruined as a result of kittens. “All good all good all good” I was reassured. As the months went on, Bec got a boyfriend and barely came home but complained when she had bills to pay ‘because she wasn’t there’ (mind you utilities in her name) and Sam never learnt how to train kittens. She let these little fuckers run free reign over the house, shitting up the walls, pissing on the carpets, scratching my furniture, memorably breaking a large mirror of mine. She never emptied the litter tray, never cleaned their food or water bowls properly and left wet cat food out for the array of animals from Bec’s still filthy room to come out into the kitchen (imagine the stench in that fucking living room with the windows closed up 90% of the time). Im not a Martha Stewart or anything, but this place was something out of a horror story. Dishes barely done, dishwasher always full of dirty smelly dishes, washing machine always full of washed clothes that weren’t ever taken out and then left to mould, cat piss EVERYWHERE. I tried to keep the place clean, kept the lawns mowed but I felt unappreciated for my efforts especially when they never said a casual thanks for doing a clean to me, ever.

I had the opportunity to move into my own place and jumped at it. Haven’t spoken to the filthy ferals since I left and the last I heard they also had a massive falling out and haven’t spoken also over, get this, keeping the house clean.
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