Dogs from hell..

Me and my roommates have all gotten along well over the past year. That is until, Mark got a girlfriend who insisted on bringing her misbehaving, smelly dogs everywhere she goes. It’s like she can’t be without them. She will leave one in her van all day (hot days included) to bark at strangers and the other she has lying on the living room floor not moving due to old age and stinking up the place. The dog is too old to do stairs and struggles to get up off a mattress that is only five inches off the ground. On top of that, she shits in the house and all over the back yard where the girlfriend refuses to pick up after her. It’s just ridiculous. We (me and my other roommate) have mentioned this to him and asked that she leave her dogs at home. She has refused and they now pick the dog up and take her upstairs instead of leaving her in the living room to get food and hair everywhere. The dog seriously needs to be put down but this lady just insists on dragging it everywhere with her and won’t listen to requests to leave either of her stupid dogs at home.
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  1. Slpngkt says:

    You’re kind of a heartless asshoole, aren’t you. One star for being a piece of shit.

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