Disgusting Man

Alright so a friend and I were having trouble finding a 3rd roomate, after awhile we were desprite and ending up pisting an ad on Craigslist. So eventually this guy came along and answered our ad, I wasn’t available to meet this guy but my friend was he said he was older but seemed nice and friendly. I went along with it because we were so desprite. My friend didn’t tell me how much older until move in day where I found out he was 63. My flags went off instantly, I knew that a 63 year old man had no business rooming with college students and that he was trouble right away, but it was too late he already signed the year long lease. After a week he we found out that this man was a alcoholic. He would go out and come back with 2 40oz beers and drink all of it every night. Some nights he would hit the bar and so come back wasted he couldn’t walk so I would have to escort him to his room for him to crash. That wasn’t even the worst part. He was the biggest slob I ever met. Now I don’t pride myself with being the cleanliess person, but this guy was a on a whole other level. We have hard wood floors and he never took his shoes off. I have no clue where he went but he would have the mudiest shoes and leave tracks everywhere he went. He would also never take out the garbage. There was this one time my friend and I were gone for the weekend and the kitchen floor was full of food, spilled beer, and trash that I almost through up. It smelled disgusting we were gone three days and he didn’t even bother to pick up his trash. My friend and I got so pissed. Eventually we got our landlord involved and we are trying to figure out a way to get the situation taken care of.
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  1. nimodkram says:

    Wow! Sounds like you were the drunk!

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