Dirty, two faced slob (Graphic)

Once he moved out, we found the fucking thing, we winced in horror… What was once blue cloth, was now smeared in human shit. When I asked him about it he lied and said it was the cats. Don’t lie to me you dirty motherfucker! THAT WAS A GORILLA SIZED SHIT STREAK! Like he was flossing the towel in between his gigantic, blubbery ass cheeks. I did a lot for this motherfucker. That includes letting his lazy ass stay, even when my other room mate was ready to kick him out the first time. I bought him food, weed, cigarettes, paid his missing rent and even washed his fucking dishes. Speaking of messes… Every morning, he would take a dump and leave shit streaks in the toilet. I WOULD HAVE TO CLEAN IT EVERY TIME! This fucking piece of shit went out of his way to sabotage my relationship and does nothing but slander other people.
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