Dirty, two faced slob (Graphic)

This guy is an abomination. Several months ago I kicked his ass out for not paying rent. Instead, he sat on his ass for eight days and spent his welfare cheque on alcohol. He’s a piece of shit who talks shit behind your back to your room mates then talks shit about them to you. WTF how two faced is that? He ate all of my food, never did dishes and then talked mad shit about me to my ex. Wow… This guy never showered and sat on the chair, scrolling through his phone all day. Using the internet I PAID FOR. He was short paying rent the first two months and I said it was ok… UNTIL the begining of the third month. That was the month he fucked up for the last time… You know, other than him wiping his fat ass with the towel my room mate gave him.

Once he moved out, we found the fucking thing, we winced in horror… What was once blue cloth, was now smeared in human shit. When I asked him about it he lied and said it was the cats. Don’t lie to me you dirty motherfucker! THAT WAS A GORILLA SIZED SHIT STREAK! Like he was flossing the towel in between his gigantic, blubbery ass cheeks. I did a lot for this motherfucker. That includes letting his lazy ass stay, even when my other room mate was ready to kick him out the first time. I bought him food, weed, cigarettes, paid his missing rent and even washed his fucking dishes. Speaking of messes… Every morning, he would take a dump and leave shit streaks in the toilet. I WOULD HAVE TO CLEAN IT EVERY TIME! This fucking piece of shit went out of his way to sabotage my relationship and does nothing but slander other people.
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