Dirty Roommates

poophouseI met these people on kijiji, and when I went to their place I noticed it was dirty in the house but I needed a place to move asap. I made a deal with them that if I cleaned up the overall mess they would help keep it clean afterwords. They had 4 cats, and a small dog. They only changed the litterbox at most every 3 weeks themselves, so I was forced to do it because I couldn’t stand to hear the cats try for 30+ minutes trying to clean the shit off their paws, or the entire house smelling like cat and dog shit. They never once took the dog out for a walk. They had those “poop pads” that people use to housebreak animals, but the dog didn’t use them and just shit all over the floor. They would just sit around with shit everywhere. Eventually I got tired of having to do all this and called them out, and they tried to make it seem like I was in the wrong for wanting them to take care of their animals. Anyway I kept the place clean for the time I was there, but after I moved a friend went over and sent me a picture of the place, and it looks like it did before I moved in. See the attached image.
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