Daddy’s Little Girl

imageI had just gone through a bad breakup and needed a roommate stat. I met ‘Becky’ on Craigslist, we met at a coffeehouse and while she 6 years younger (just turned 21), she seemed calm and said how much she just wanted a chill space to live in. Agreed! She loves animals. Yay! Let us live together in bliss!
She ran through jobs like she was Goldilocks looking for some porridge – ‘This one’s too boring, this one has too much drama, this one makes me actually work…”. Her daddy bailed her out on rent and bills every time, which she always took for granted and which is also why she never took anything seriously.
Her boyfriend was cute but dumb as a sack of rocks. A very high, blonde, chiseled sack of rocks. They were either high and drunk together, or fighting because they both cheated on each other constantly. “No drama!”

The worst part were her dogs (or her, for being a terrible dog mother). She had three and had no idea how to take care of them. They defecated everywhere and escaped the back yard constantly. She would discipline them by a small tap on the nose and then holding them and kissing them to apologize for her behavior. Needless to say, they were neurotic and mal-adjusted.
The final straw came after I got home at 3:30 am after a blistering bartending shift. There were drunk teenagers rolling on X on the couch. Her boyfriend was making out with some girl. She was in the back yard making out with a guy in a kiddie pool. Ew. Not only did she not give me the ‘hey, I want to have a party’ heads up, there were drugs AND minors involved. Super sweet. She asked if I was mad and I said yes. I told her I was going to move out in the next week and tell the landlords I was breaking the lease, which I did to no penalty.
Bonus salt in the wound, I came back to grab a jewelry box I had left in the bathroom a few weeks later and found the dogs had been locked in the kitchen and alone for what seemed like days. They had defecated everywhere, were filthy and had no water or food. They had chewed the chairs, table, floor, walls – just anything they could get to. I ended up having to break through the front window to get to them. The door to the kitchen was locked and while trying to break that, a shard from the broken handle sliced my finger to the bone. I got to the poor dogs, let them outside and called the cops and animal control on ‘Becky’. While I was at the ER getting stitches, ‘Becky’ had the nerve to call and yell at me for letting her dogs out and getting her in trouble. She said they wanted to take her in and take her dogs away. After I calmly told her to go f$@k herself, I hung up. The owner called me months later, after she moved out to inquire about the damage done to the rooms and yard because she wouldn’t answer his phone calls. I gave him her father’s number and sure enough, he paid for the damage and bailed her out.
Moral of the story: hold your kids accountable and don’t let them become terrible human beings
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  1. Rae says:

    Sounds like a bad case of spoiled child. My roommate swears her dogs are house trained too but they deficate and pee everywhere. I told the landlord I was breaking my lease and they had me sign a paper saying I wasn’t responsible for the apartment after this date. It helped a lot since my roommate was also a hoarder. I’d look back into the lease agreement and see if you signed a similar paper when you broke your lease. That will help with any legality stuff too!

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