Crazy Psycho B*** rant

Jesus. I HOPED I would not be ranting about another crazy roomate but thats the situation

I posted another story about these ppl. of course things got worse

Girl is practical Crazy Borderline B***… yells cusses at everybody expects everyone to be at her whip and tail. We are her “proprety” just because we live in the same houseshold

Its awfull. she brainwashes other two roomates to Hate me.

I am more Introvert than them but never disrespectful. I mind my own business

These people are SCUM. is basically this **** that constantly yells abuses her boyfriend. and when she doesnt do that yells throws tantrums like 2 year old. She is also very skillfull beautiful but that doesnt changes her personality. SCUM. with everyone

My Biological Mother is also Narcisist Psycho BPD. if you can imagine. hated me half of my life… always put her first in front of all else. always the 1. at the expense and pain of others

I saw how this bimbo was from beginning . Narcisistic selfish dumb brat with 2 neurons who thinks she waaaay better than everybody else. these people are SCUM SCUM trample my stuff, things and believe me I pay big money. Its not worth it and nobody has the right to treat another person like that!

Like who the F do you think you are ???

Its unnecessary STRESS… do I have to mention I am also student hard work to keep myself alive…… I have boyfriend work hard and have been very happy lately with my life. I dont disturb them contribute to cleaning services but this Girl is INSANE twists everything shes enemy of her boyfriend always yells…. I want to get outta here FAST !!! XD

they even threw my food (officially is her and other 2 dumbass dickheads) but it gets worse. I dont get it, I dont bother them mind my own business and I am really happy the way things go in my life. but I aint gonna put with anyones sh**… even said that to friend on the phone…bahhh

I saw through her from beginning and always tried to make me feel like I have “problem” opr that “I am in the way” Im tired. I dont harm them but scumbags will be SCUM I guess !!!

dissaponted in how petty small and evil some people can be
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