Crazy Bitch

So my roommate and myself had only hung out a few times alone and we really got along so I thought living together would be fun. The first half of the year was okay except her cat was hurting my cat so I didn’t like him. But I decided to ignore it and move on and everything got better. But my decline in liking her started when she was whining like a baby for me having the remote to turn the volume down because i had friends over from out of town who i was trying to talk to. This was when I got a taste of who she really is. A child.

She is 24 years old and has an alcoholic problem and does like 30 dabs a day. She always split and got dabs (Hash like oil) on my table and never cleaned it up. So one night she had friends over and I noticed a spill on the table and pointed it out. She proceeds to whin that “its fiiiiiiiine its finnnnne” in her child voice which is so annoying. She had already known i was moving out when the lease is up but claims she didnt know. But then i said i wanted to move out as soon as possible and then thats when she lost it. She was already yelling at the top of her lungs in my face but then proceeded to move my furniture by the door hahah and she threw the candy out of the bowl because its her bowl hahah. I went downstairs and then we got into a physical fight. I don’t remember who pushed who first, but we were waving our arms like a cat fight and then she came at me trying to punch my head and pulling my hair. She tried to push me down the stairs (which kills people) and she tried to lock me in the basement. The neighbors called the police because they heard me pleading with her to stop trying to attack me over and over and over!!!!! The police were on my side totally because she is a dumb drunk bitch always. They made her leave and I packed up my shit and got the fuck out. Now basically all of our mutual friends hate her and were already getting annoyed with her before she decided to get physical with her “friend.” And this isn’t the first time she has gotten into a fight with a roommate. She gave a girl a concussion. She is crazy. She needs some serious help. Her brain is fried and she is no longer who she used to be. So sad.
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