My Cousin

Like four months ago totally out of nowhere I got a phone call from my cousin who I’ll call Amy. Amy is 19, a couple years younger than me, and we’ve never been that close. We just saw each other on Christmas and at weddings and funerals, that’s about it. My mother must have told her sister that I was looking for someone to rent out the second bedroom in my apartment since my old roommate got married. Amy told me she was having problems with her boyfriend who she was living with and that she would like to take the room. I figured why not since she is my cousin.

First thing I told her was that we had to put her on the lease agreement because of the rules on the rental contract and that it was going to be for a year and that as part of the agreement the landlord had to pull her credit report. I mean, that’s pretty standard stuff when you get an apartment but she didn’t get it and got all upset. She actually started to cry! I got her calmed down and she signed and the next week she moved in. I guess that should have been a clue because after living with her for just a week I found out she’s all about drama. Everything is like a huge deal for her. It usually takes me like 15-20 minutes to go grocery shopping every week. I took her with me and we were in the store for over an hour. I’ve never seen anyone get all emotional over deciding what brand yoghurt to buy.

Every day when she comes home from work I have to listen to her for hours on end going over every last detail of her day and all the patients she sees (she’s a dental assistant). She tells me stuff she has no business telling anyone about her patients and I keep telling her she shouldn’t be telling anyone this (I know she tells other people too because I can hear her doing it with her friends on the phone). And of course she has to get all emotionally involved with all her patients problems and stuff.

All the drama is bad enough but what I found out next is really bad. I started to notice after she moved in that she was putting on weight. Then she starts to complain that she feels sick all the time. I’m not stupid. I figured out real quick and flat out asked her if she was pregnant. She totally went into a crying and screaming drama fit and denied she was pregnant then finally after like an hour she admitted that her boyfriend broke up with her because she was pregnant and she ends up going through another hour of drama for lying to me.

And then the next day she’s in like a total panic and telling me not to tell my mother or my aunt anything, she didn’t want her family to know, blah, blah, blah and more tears and drama. So now here it is and now she’s going into her second trimester. My aunt and my mother still don’t know she’s pregnant.

She found out is going to be a boy and so far the baby is healthy. Here’s where the big problem starts. If I would have known about her being Queen Drama I would not have let her move in with me. That’s bad enough. But I am sorry I don’t want to deal with having an infant in my apartment. I like kids, I adore babies but I am just not ready to be living with one. Her boyfriend is totally out of the picture. She has no idea where he is and I don’t want to have to be that kid’s second mother. I brought up adoption with Amy. Big mistake. Biggest drama fit ever. I am just totally pissed off that my cousin had the nerve to intentionally drag me into the middle of her f’d up life by covering up and lying to me.
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