Conclusion: adulthood pending

About a year ago, I moved into what is now my current apartment, along with my friend E. We’re both in our mid twenties and wanted somewhere to live that was walking distance from our respective workplaces. It was very difficult to find one, as most apartments in our price range were occupied by students and, while we were not opposed to living with students at the time (both E and I graduated from university a few years beforehand and had lived together as students), most of the student properties we viewed were horrible, with messy floors, tiny rooms and so.much.noise. When we found our current apartment, it was like something out of a dream! It was spic and span and seemingly endless!

So yeah, we moved in, though we should have realised that something was amiss when the girl whose room I was moving into warned us about roommate S, who was essentially the messy one. Retrospect is a fine thing!

Skip a couple of months and E and I soon realise that roommate S is probably the worst roommate EVER. It all boils down to the fact that she’s just so bloody inconsiderate.

She’s a student (though never seems to go to classes because she’s ALWAYS HOME DURING THE DAY), lives off her student loan and uses the money to buy ridiculously expensive groceries (yet when it’s time to pay rent, she always pays it late!). She’s also really clumsy, which ordinarily I would not judge her on, but bear with me. Using said groceries, she will cook what are, to be fair, pretty decent meals, but to do so she will use every pot and pan in the house, spill oils, food, WINE, PLATES, basically anything in the vicinity on the carpet and surrounding area and then… leave it? She spilled food INSIDE the kitchen drawers once and then left it for others to clean. She filled the rice cooker and didn’t empty it for over a week, by which time the rice had gone mouldy! She cooked carbonara one week and a week later the greasy pan was still sitting on the hob! As for general things like taking out the trash… HA. In the year that I’ve lived in this apartment, I’ve known her take it all of once, which is hilarious considering she cooks so damn much that at least 50% of the stuff in there is hers!

And then there’s the guests. S regularly has people (guys) at the apartment without warning. Now, this is an all girls’ flat and four of us live there including S. At least two of us have mentioned to S that we are not comfortable finding random half naked guys in our apartment without prior warning. Did she listen? No. Over the new year, she went on vacation and gave the key to the apartment to one of the guys, allowing him to stay in her room in that period. We didn’t know anything about it until the day he walked through the door with a night bag. In this time he paid no rent and took us over our download limit by several gigabytes, meaning WE had to pay the difference.

And then there are the parties. So, she’s a student. And the rest of the flat has to get up early in a morning to go to work. It’s common courtesy to warn people when you’re going to have a party in their apartment unless your name is S! S threw a loud party that carried on until 4 in morning on a Thursday night, KNOWING we were all home and that we all had work in the morning. We weren’t warned about it and when we came out to ask if they’d be quiet, the entire party mocked us for asking it of them. I don’t know why I thought S would take control of the situation, but she didn’t and in the early hours of the morning her guests left for smokes and announced their return by KICKING DOWN THE DOOR TO OUR APARTMENT. And we got no apology from her about this, I should note. When we later discussed this with her, she denied ever having parties. She also thought it would be super fun to throw a birthday for a friend in our apartment without telling us about it.

And where does the student thing come into it? Well all of her guests were the obnoxious breed of student, that have read one book and of course think they know everything and the drunker they got the louder they got until it’s three in the morning and all anyone can hear is the raging debate about when it is ethically okay to rape a baby. (I’m not even joking. This is a debate that I had to hear.)

Whenever S has guys over, they’ll have sex in our shower. Not even discreet about it and S never cleans the thing after she leaves. If we had a bath, I’d use that instead because showering in the aftermath of random guy sex is just disgusting, but she’d probably never clean that either.

On top of the obvious things like chores, rent and basic decency, S does nothing to help out with the running of the apartment. Last year one of our room mates moved out (prob because of S l-lol) and he took half the furniture with him. E and I had to buy new furniture and sort out a replacement room mate. The room mate part was easy enough as it’s a nice apartment, but the furniture left us severely out of pocket and S did NOTHING to help. Among the new things we had to buy was a fridge/freezer and guess who whines whenever there’s no room left for her ridiculous amounts of groceries?

So on top of literally all of this, which only scrapes the surface of her bullshittery, she’s a complete raging weirdo. I don’t know how else to describe her, honestly. I’ll remind you of her dirty cooking habits and the carbonara that became a congealed mess on the side of the kitchen counter. Well, S became convinced that someone was stealing her carbonara. Honestly? The sheer amount of people that come through our apartment, it could be ANYONE. And that’s assuming she’s telling the truth, which I’m not inclined to believe she is, considering she started banging on people’s doors about this and wrote some really freaking passive aggressive messages for the rest of the flat.

At some point after this, she decided to bring in a cleaning rota after loudly declaring to her friends that we (everyone else in the flat) were the messiest room mates she’d ever had! Literally the ONLY WAY we could be called messy is if the other room mates before us tidied up all of her messes. She made a point of cleaning the entire apartment but never discussed any of this rota with us. So, needless to say, it never got brought in. If S cleaned up after herself, we WOULDN’T NEED ONE.

One evening, I was cooking dinner and she actually attacked me. She demanded to know why I didn’t like her (which…it’s not even that I dislike her, she’s just a lousy room mate) and wouldn’t let it go. Like, I didn’t want to get into it while I was alone with her, because it’s honestly a flat meeting kind of discussion and I get really anxious and panicky when people put me on the spot, so I refused to talk about it and went into my room and she followed me in. I told her to leave, but she wouldn’t. She demanded an answer and prised open the door. I managed to get her out again and called E, by which time S was parading the halls hurling abuse. E told me she would be there right away and S started kicking at my door.

E, S and I had a meeting, though nothing was particuarly resolved. S accused me of taking all of her stuff, denied basically everything and accused ME of attacking HER. We requested that she be more considerate, but things have not changed very much on her part since then.

Only got two more months with her, thank God.
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