Conclusion: adulthood pending

She’s a student (though never seems to go to classes because she’s ALWAYS HOME DURING THE DAY), lives off her student loan and uses the money to buy ridiculously expensive groceries (yet when it’s time to pay rent, she always pays it late!). She’s also really clumsy, which ordinarily I would not judge her on, but bear with me. Using said groceries, she will cook what are, to be fair, pretty decent meals, but to do so she will use every pot and pan in the house, spill oils, food, WINE, PLATES, basically anything in the vicinity on the carpet and surrounding area and then… leave it? She spilled food INSIDE the kitchen drawers once and then left it for others to clean. She filled the rice cooker and didn’t empty it for over a week, by which time the rice had gone mouldy! She cooked carbonara one week and a week later the greasy pan was still sitting on the hob! As for general things like taking out the trash… HA. In the year that I’ve lived in this apartment, I’ve known her take it all of once, which is hilarious considering she cooks so damn much that at least 50% of the stuff in there is hers!

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Only got two more months with her, thank God.
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