Chinese exchange student and Love Shack

So I am an American but I moved to the international student dorms at my college so I could connect with people from other cultures and learn about life in other countries. It has been a fairly positive experience except for my first roommate. She was Chinese and so was her boyfriend. They had met in China but were assigned separate dorms. Her and I shared a room but the first couple nights they took her mattress and slept out in the living room area. I didn’t really like the arrangement, our dorm was very tiny and the mattress took up 90% of the floor space in the “living room”.

She said it was only temporary. But days turned into weeks which became a semester of this guy I knew nothing about basically living with us. They rarely spoke to me in English but only spoke to each other in Chinese, which normally wouldn’t bother me at all but that they usually pretended it was their love shack and that I was invisible. They only hung out with each other and made almost no effort to connect with the other Chinese exchange students, even the ones living next door. She cooked for him every night and he never lifted a finger for her. He brought over 10 large bottles of soy sauce of different flavors, I’m not exaggerating there. And we didn’t have the room so they took up a third of the counter space in an already tiny kitchen. It wasn’t long before he brought over all his things, again we didn’t have the room so all his things ended up in a huge pile on the sofa and I could no longer sit on it. I also couldn’t sit at the kitchen table because it was completely covered in his ingredients and snacks from China. Both of them smoked so the living room/kitchen always smelled funky. And often when they left to run errands they wouldn’t even bother to close the front door behind them. Also, she had very long hair that got absolutely everywhere! I had to be careful where I set down my clean laundry or it would be covered in long black hair. It clung to the carpet so my vacuum wouldn’t get it. Things came to a head when the RA came in and demanded to know. was fairly tired of the situation and she wasn’t exactly the warmest person in the world so I ended up admitting that her boyfriend was sleeping there. We are only allowed guests for 3 days so this was a big deal. When her and her boyfriend came home they were furious and confronted me. He ended up insulting me, and accused me of making a big mess in the kitchen (which had been caused by her pressure cooker). I told them that they needed to start taking out the trash because they hadn’t done it once that semester. After that he was still living there, but they pretty much stopped talking to me. Then she started walking around without pants on! She even answered the door for me once without pants. It was very uncomfortable since I knew she did it for her boyfriend as much as to make me mad. They were also just generally strange people. I came home one time to the fire alarm going off because it was broken. They were in the living room but both fast asleep right under the alarm. I even had to shake them both to wake them up. That was another weird thing, they were both extremely deep sleepers: I even had to shake them awake once when their morning alarm had been blaring for 25 minutes. I also realized they were having sex in the living room while I went to class. There was actually a used condom in the kitchen trash one time! I was sure to move out at the end of the semester.
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  1. Long says:

    I am also from China, BUT this is definitely crossing the line!

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