cheeky cunt

a few months ago, me and one of my good friends decided to rent and live in an apartment together.
basically im the only one preparing food and cleaning.
one day i left school early, so i made some lunch for myself. my roommate came home and started bitching about how selfish i am.

he is soooo racist, im white and he is arabic. and he is allways having his arab friends over, which ocassionally sleep in my bed and steal from me. and when i confront him about it, he denies it all. when me and my roommate have had an argument, he allways calls his arabic friends over to talk, they speak arabic so i highly suppose they are talking behind my back.

he is allways bitching about how unfair he is treated because he is arabic, such as when he was taking his drivers licence, the teacher dumped him, because he drived bad.

and honestly he does, his dad have lent him his car, and he have allready crashed it a few times.

this motherfucker is greedy af too, when he own me a few bucks its nothing, but when i owe him, he cant stop talking about it. + he allways bitches about how my nationality (danish) is greedy, and talking racist crab about my country, and how his country is much better.

fuck me, i have to live with him for 6 months more at least, if im not getting kicked out before. and if he kicks me out im homeless, and can’t get an apartment because of my age (i’m 17 years old, and he is 19)
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