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I had naked roommate issues too in this three bedroom apartment where I sublet a room. It was me, another girl I met at work and her boyfriend from her high school days but they were just friends now. His … Continue reading

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No Life Roomie

My roommate and I used to be really close friends until after we moved in together, that changed. He flunked his classes last semester, doesn’t have a job, and depends on mommy and daddy. At age 21. I however, have … Continue reading

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Opposites don’t always attract.

My roommate and I are complete opposites. I knew this from the day I met her. She is all about sports (that she’s not even good at) and I make money and depend on myself, instead of my parents, unlike … Continue reading

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In college I rented a flat with two lazy slobs. They absolutely refused to do the dishes. One time, every dirty pot, pan, dish, utensil and glass was dirty. So these guys had them spread out on every square inch … Continue reading

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