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Roommate initiation

To begin I will let you all know that the stranger who I was about to move in with texted me a two weeks before my move in date to let me know she switched to my room because she … Continue reading

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My punishment for helping out a friend.

Last year around this time my “friend” was being kicked out of his parents’ house because he is basically a drunk. I offered to help him out and move in with him on October and you know what, that was … Continue reading

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Really drunk

I just got rid of the worst roommate I have ever had. I live near a community college, so most all my roommates have been students. This guy, however, worked at the college as a nightshift security guard. The day … Continue reading

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Drunk and Crazy

My roomate drinks a 26 oz of whiskey a night and a 40 oz on Saturday. His hobbies include smoking and drinking in the dark while having angry conversations with people from his past. He’s an awesome guy when he’s … Continue reading

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A chronic alcoholic with prescribed antidepressants

Hello. Actually i don’t know where to start. Well my roommate was a chronic alcoholic with prescribed drugs for depression. I was living with him for 3 years. The house was an old one from the 1920’s but the location … Continue reading

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Big George

My first year of grad school, I rented a studio in a small house (more of a cottage). It was a nice arrangement- I had my own private bathroom and use of the kitchen. The landlady was an old Hippie … Continue reading

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Rock Bottom

I’ve read a ton of worst roommate stories just to see if I could find a scenario worse than the one I was in with my roommates. Alas I could not find one that came close. Went through 5 room … Continue reading

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