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brings a pet in without my permission, and many other ridiculous things.

Okay so I’ve finally lost my patience with my flatmate i’ve been living with since June. She is a student. So at first we got on and agreed to share a place but recently she’s been taking full advantage of … Continue reading

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Fruit Ninja

My roommate is a “hippie.” Meaning she’s a hardcore vegan and minimalist, whatever. She likes fruit, a lot. The second semester of living with this girl she starts hanging up orange peel pieces by string above her desk. It’s kind … Continue reading

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Momma Bear

Once upon a time I left my husband with our two children. While we were separated, he got room-mates I’ll call Cindy and Brad to share the costs of bills. Said husband and I decided to try to make our … Continue reading

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horrible friends

after 11 months of a friend living in my house rent free, cause it was only supposed to be a few months and she had 2 kids. When she first moved in the first 3 months she was buying groceries … Continue reading

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When your housemate’s a raging psychopath

I recently had a housemate who spoke in your typical trying-too-hard girly accent. That said enough. Upon moving in to the apartment with her already living in there, I noticed a stack of Mozart CDs, bottles of red wine, and … Continue reading

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That time someone “broke into” my apartment

So last year, I moved in with a girl who was friends with people I no longer talk to (in hindsight, that was a HUGE mistake on my part). At first, things were cool between us, and she was honestly … Continue reading

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So our story begins at a factory both I and this person, whom I shall call “S”, worked at. I started there before her and aside from the pay rate liked my job. It kept me fit and busy. Ours … Continue reading

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