The Caretaker

One Sunday I was visiting dad and told Sean to go ahead and take the afternoon off. Dad was napping when I got there. After about an hour dad woke up and comes wandering in the living room and I noticed bruises all over his arm- and dad came out of what was Sean’s room. I asked dad why he was in Sean’s room and he replied “No, that’s my room.” Dad’s old room was locked up tighter than a drum. I asked him what happened to his arm and he said “I don’t know.” We had a pleasant afternoon then Sean came home and first asked him about the bedroom. Sean then told me he moved my dad out of the master bedroom and into his old room. I asked him why, since dad’s old room had an attached bath with a full shower. Sean just said it was easier for him if dad had the smaller room. I asked him about the bruises. He said that was from getting dad in and out of the bathtub in the hall bathroom. I asked him why he’s wasn’t using the shower. Sean said dad didn’t like taking showers. I knew that for dad’s entire life he never used the bathtub- he hated it and kept wanting to rip it out and replace it with another shower.

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