Her Boyfriend

This one’s going to be different because I was the bad roommate. Like six years ago I just had left my boyfriend and since he signed the lease on our apartment when we moved in I was the one who had to move out. A girl I worked with who I’ll call Sue said I could move in with her and it was a great situation because it was a house, not an apartment, and she inherited it from her grandmother so she charged me next to nothing for rent. Sue had a boyfriend who I’ll call Kurt. He didn’t live with Sue but he was over all the time.

Kurt was one hot dude. Jet black hair, deep green eyes, smooth body and an incredible ass. He knew it too and was a little full of himself, but he was a real nice guy and he treated Sue like a princess. I would always flirt with Kurt right in front of Sue and Sue would just brush it off and laugh, calling me a big tease.

Like a couple months after I moved in Sue’s mother had a hip replacement so Sue started to spend a lot of time over at her mother’s house helping her out with things. One Sunday morning Sue knocked on my bedroom door and told me she was going over to her mother’s and if Kurt came over to tell him to go over there. I told her no problem and she took off. Like a half hour later Kurt showed up. He had been at the gym working out and was still in his workout clothes and all sweaty. He told me the hot water went out at the gym so he was going to shower and change first then head over to Sue’s mother’s house.

So Kurt hops in the shower. The house was older and had only one bathroom. I had always fantasized about seeing Kurt naked and my sneaky little mind came up with an idea. I cracked open the bathroom door and shouted “I really have to use the bathroom! I promise not to peek!” Kurt said go ahead so I pretended to use the toilet then of course opened the shower curtain and said “Peek-A-Boo!” Well Kurt’s just standing there with a big grin on his face and says “I knew you’d do that! Like what you see?” Oh God! Did I ever! You guessed it, not a second later I was in the shower with him going downtown on him. He took off right after his shower and I didn’t see him the rest of the day.

Like a month later I decided to burn some of my vacation time from work and take a week off. The Sunday before Kurt was over as usual and when I got him alone in the kitchen I whispered to him that I’d be home all alone all week, if he knew what I meant. He did and sure enough, that Tuesday afternoon Kurt showed up and within minutes we were in my bed doing the deed. That evening Sue came home and asked how my day was and I just said it was okay. Then she said that Kurt told her he stopped by that afternoon but the house was all locked up and I wasn’t home. I lied through my teeth and told her I was out shopping. Two days later and Kurt came back in the morning and we probably spent an hour and a half in my bedroom going at it hot and heavy. The next day he was back again.

A couple weeks later on a Saturday afternoon Kurt was over and Sue said she was going to go grocery shopping. I gave her some money and told her to pick some stuff up for me. As she was leaving she said to Kurt “You coming?” and he said that he was going to stay behind and watch the football game on TV. Five minutes after she was out the door I had Kurt’s pants around his ankles and was giving him a BJ right in the kitchen.

Stuff like that went on for like another six, seven months and Kurt and I started to get a little careless. One time, Sue was in the shower and I was in the kitchen going down on Kurt. Then it happened. I had called in sick (haha) to work one day. At around noon, Kurt showed up. This time we were on the living room couch, our clothes piled on the floor and going at it. Yup. Sue showed up. She came home early from work. She totally blew up and started to smack Kurt around. Then she punched me right in the face, called me a total bitch and told me to get out of her house now. And stupid me, where did I go after I left? Over to Kurt’s apartment. He had given me a key.

I spent a couple nights at Kurt’s before he told me I had to leave. He said Sue was mad as hell at him, but wanted to stay with him and he wanted to stay with her. I made arrangements with Sue to get all my stuff out of her house and went and stayed with some friends for a while until I found another place to live. I still see Sue every day at work, but she has not spoken a word to me since the day I moved out of her house. I haven’t seen Kurt at all since he told me to leave his apartment.

Yeah, I was a bitch and I do regret doing what I did.
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2 Responses to Her Boyfriend

  1. goldcashgold says:

    Holy shit you were a bitch! A buddy of mine was dating this chick for a while and one day he shows up at her house without calling first and he walks in and theres this totally naked dude standing in the kitchen drinking a cup of coffee. He flipped his shit and started screamin at his girlfriend and shes telling him that its her brother. Turned out it really was her brother lol

  2. lisa says:

    Just wait until your next boyfriend cheats on you…karma has a funny way of waiting years, for just the right time, to strike

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