Book smart Common Sense dumb!

So my roommate is a total slob and a major lazy SOB. BUT this One week takes the cake. I got up at 6:45 in the morning so as to avoid him and making myself late for work. I then step in a big puddle of piss. Yep thats right he missed the toilet and left it, for me his female roommate to step in. So now I’m mad but I shower and continue on to my day. Before I leave I wake him up so he isn’t late for work and inform him to clean up his damn piss spot with bleach. I then leave for work and notice that someone hit my mailbox. So I grab my mortgage check and my utilities check worth close to 1000 dollars out of the mailbox and take it to one of those US blue boxes. So I come home from work and he ask me what I am doing with the hammer. I say I have to bang out the mailbox because someone hit it. He then informs me he hit my mailbox last night and looked at it through the rearview mirror and thought it was “OK”. Then when I go back into the bathroom I find that he did not clean up his pee spot. UGHHH…
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