Awful Room mate

Back in August I moved into my first ever apartment with a room mate. It was a 2 bed 1 bath, so we each had our own room. In general it went really well until March. The day before Spring Break started, I came back to the apartment after my classes and found a note on the door that our gas had been turned off because of lack of payment. It was an old apartment complex, so it had gas heat. My room mate was in charge of the gas bill, so I texted her asking what was up. She said she wasn’t sure and that she would ask her mom. Thinking nothing of it, I left for my 10 day Spring Break.

A few days into the break, I got a text from my room mate saying that her mom was supposed to pay the bill, but somehow it didn’t get paid. She said it would be fixed by the time spring break was over, so I didn’t worry about it. The Sunday before school started again I received another text from my room mate saying that the heat is still not on, but she would get it fixed Monday.

That whole week it was about 50 degrees (F) in the apartment and I had no way to shower, cook anything, or use the dishwasher. Because of her I could not shower for 5 straight days and had to microwave water to wash my hair with in the kitchen sink. My room mate was spending the whole week at her friends house, while I was living in our apartment with no heat. I sent her several angry text each day and she kept telling me it would be fixed soon. She told me that literally every day, and it never got fixed. She kept lying to me and saying I was over reacting, when I hadn’t showered in days, had no way to cook anything, and was living in a 50 degree apartment, while she was spending the week at her friends house taking daily showers and eating hot meals. I got really fed up with her and sent her another angry text, and when I asked her if she was EVER going to fix it, she had no intentions of turning it back on. I asked for my money back that I gave her for my part of the bill, and she refused to give me my money back ($85). She then wanted me to pay her $53 more for the gas used in March, and I said I wasn’t giving her any money until it was turned back on. She then proceed to blackmail me saying that she didn’t have enough money to turn it back on without the $53 that I supposedly owed her. I decided that I was done and that I was moving back with my parents. My mom said I should check with the office to make sure there were no legal things that would keep me from moving out a month early. I told them I would pay my rent for April even though I was moving out, and they said I needed to sign this paper. The paper said that we would split the security deposit and that my room mate would be fully responsible for the apartment. I moved most of my stuff out on Friday and my mom promised me that we would get my furniture the next day, Saturday. I also turned off the electricity and the internet, which were both in my name. I should have known that my mom wouldn’t stick to her word because on Saturday she said “I don’t feel like it, let’s do it next week”. I told her we really needed to do it that day and she still said she didn’t feel like it, and I am not strong enough to lift my furniture on my own. I commuted to school the next week, and the next weekend we went to the apartment to get my furniture. Then my key would not work, and apparently my room mate had turned in that paper and changed the locks on the door. The office refused to do anything about it, saying she had the right to change the locks since I signed the paper. After a few weeks of texting the room mate with no reply, I didn’t get any of my furniture back. My mom had even been talking to her mom, and her mom wasn’t cooperating either. They stole it all. My furniture included a small tv, dresser, bed, desk, chair, heater, and whatever I left on the desk. And they stole it all. I shouldn’t have signed that stupid paper, and my mom should have stayed true to her word and helped me get my furniture out when we could. I sincerely hope no one else ever has to room with this girl, because she will screw you over.
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3 Responses to Awful Room mate

  1. Jen says:

    They didn’t steal it. You abandoned it. You can’t just leave furniture in an apartment that you moved out of. Was the heat thing shitty? Yes. But you can’t blame them for the furniture. Technically, they didn’t do anything illegal.

  2. Lena says:

    That’s really awful. I don’t know about the legal stuff, but that’s a really shitty thing for your ex-roommate and her mom to do—I mean, her mom is a fully grown adult, for christ’s sake!!
    I hope you get your stuff back. I just don’t understand how people can be so inconsiderate of other people.

  3. Dino says:

    Looks like your mother lucked you out because “she didn’t feel like it”. That’s isn’t your roommates problem when you pretty much got lucked out by your own parents.

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