Army roommate

I am a single soldier in the US Army and we get random roommates. Some barracks are better than others, but I live in the ones that don’t have private rooms. It is one room shared by two soldiers. My roommate is a black guy named Levert and the most inconsiderate person I’ve ever met. All night he watches movies,, ALL night. All day he watches movies. He hasn’t discovered this amazing invention called headphones. His noise is constantly polluting my side of the room, I can’t get anything done or get any peace and quiet. He also watches loud videos and listens to loud songs on his phone WHILE the loud movie plays. Right now he is watching Final Destination 5 and watching some YouTube video about Obama on his phone. When his TV is off at night he is usually on the phone. If he is not on the phone, his phone is constantly making bleeps and bloops from receiving texts. His alarm clock is a terrible rap song and he sets it for 0430 and hits the snooze every 5 minutes until his actually wake up time at 0530. He is the worst person I could possibly be matched up with as I am quiet, considerate, and like to go to bed early. I hate my life right now. It’s amazing how a bad roommate can ruin your entire life. I have NOTHING to look forward to during the work day because once I’m off work I go home to something worse. I have spend almost $1000 at La Quinta since this living arrangement. Just so I have something to look forward to on the weekends. I’m unhappy.
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3 Responses to Army roommate

  1. Salizar3k3k says:

    Dang. I am single and thinking of joining the ARMY. Not so sure now. I read somewhere that all barracks are one soldier to a room but I guess some are behind on that. That guy sounds like a real A+ JERK! Sorry about your luck, thank you for your service.

  2. GacUnit says:

    Don’t join the army it would be the worst mistake in your life. You put up with the most scum life form people that god himself put on earth from the most retarded rejects from society thinking they are doing something in life in fact all they are is government political tools. If I had to do it all over again I would of kept my ass in college and never joined the military. Shit I would of even move to Canada.

  3. oldhat says:

    I had an apartment less than a block from the Defense Language Institute for over seven years and in that time had five roommates that were in the military and only had one bad one. Maybe I got lucky because you had to be at least an E4 to get into the DLI, so I got guys that were a little more mature than your roommate. The bad one was a Pentecostal Jesus freak who was bound and determined to save me from the fires of eternal damnation in Hell. The funny part about all those military roommates? Three out of five of them were closeted Gay guys- this was before “Don’t Ask Don’t Tell.”

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