Alcoholic With Abusive Boyfriend

Most of this happened to a friend, but I did live with the bad roommate for a brief period of time.

My friend, “Karen”, lived with two other women who were graduate students in a 3-bedroom apartment. These are off-campus apartments that lease by the bedroom, so if your roommate doesn’t pay rent, it doesn’t harm you. “Mel” was nice, but “Mary” had a lot of problems.

Mary was a lot older than all of us, and had some young adult children who didn’t live with her. So, you’d think she’d have her act together. Nope. Mary had a huge drinking problem. What’s worse was that she was also doing other drugs and would bring her drug dealer over to sleep with him. Mary had a boyfriend, Chad, whom Mary had claimed was an abusive rapist. She still kept bringing him to the apartment because she clearly did not care about her safety or the safety of Karen and Mel.

Mary also came from a rich family and like Karen and Mel, got paid to be a teaching assistant. It’s not a ton of money, but it’s enough to pay for rent, food, and other expenses. Mary also had a rich fiancé (whom she was cheating on with the drug dealer Justin and boyfriend Chad). So, you’d think that with a job and rich people relatives giving her money, she’d be able to buy her own food, right? No. She was always stealing Karen’s food, to the point where Karen was only eating non-perishable food that she could keep in her room, because Mary would steal anything that Karen put in the fridge.

Mary was bullying Karen and Mel into not telling anyone about what was going on, even though the neighbors would call the cops when Mary would get drunk and run around the building like a crazy person. Mary had streaked around the apartment complex on more than one occasion too. I was originally planning to live with Mary and Karen after Mel moved out, but eventually Karen told me what was going on. I told Karen to go get legal help from the campus lawyer and break her lease, since she did not need to be around Mary. (Also the apartment staff told Karen the situation was not “their problem”.)

Eventually, Mary had a breakdown and shit all over her room and in the living room and got dragged off to rehab by her family. Mel got a hold of a biohazard suit and cleaned most of it up because again, the apartment staff didn’t feel like it was their problem. However, then new management which was better took over and they had the carpets power-cleaned and told Karen that Mary was not allowed to come back and live there.

So, I moved it and the same day I moved in, Mary came back. Mary seemed better, but the staff did say they would transfer her to another apartment, but it might take a week. A week turned into two months because they first time they tried to transfer Mary out, the apartment she was supposed to live in had a squatter living there. Then, Mary told me that she was staying there until December.

Karen and I had a meeting with the management and informed them that if they did not move her out right away, we would be breaking our leases and filling a lawsuit against the property. The manager apologized and said she had no idea that it was that bad (we told her about everything Karen went through) and then Mary was sent to a different apartment. The old management never even documented any of the complaints Mel and Karen had made against Mary. Apparently, Mary had told the dumbasses who run the front desk that we were all getting along now and wanted to live with her and they believed her.

That was so ridiculous on the part of buying generic ambien. The cops were over in the apartment a lot before I moved in because Mary would get drunk and do stupid shit and annoy the neighbors, and Karen had taken Mary’s Tylenol from her one time because she threatened to kill herself with it. Mary’s brother had also called the cops a few times because Mary would call her brother while drunk and threaten to kill herself.

Mary wasn’t as terrible when I was there, but her behavior starts off as micro-aggressions. She kept trying to pit me against Karen by accusing me of leaving smelly garbage out. She was also having Chad over behind our backs. Of course, she told me that Chad was a perfect angel. Mary was continuing to steal Karen’s food too. After Mary left her drug dealer came looking for her and we just called the cops.

I do bump into Mary at school and she is doing better for herself which is good, but she is still a manipulative liar and while I was lucky to only have to put up with her for brief period of time when she was somewhat rehabilitated, I’d never want to live with her again! It was way worse for Karen and Mel, especially because Karen had recently moved to this country and then she gets stuck with the most crazy roommate. I get that Mary had psychological issues, but it’s not the job of your roommates to babysit you or put of with your abuse just because you’ve got problems.
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