Aggravating Douche

In University I lived with 5 people – 2 other men and 2 women. One man was from the South of England (Specifically where I cannot remember) who was the biggest dbag I have ever known. I don’t know specifically what was wrong with this guy, but **** he was a bad person. From not doing washing up for days (his, as well as the other 4 peoples dishes etc) to complaining whenever other people didn’t do their washing up, but also complaining about the noise people made in the living room while having a laugh which reverberated through the house when he was playing video games. A funny aspect of this person however was whenever I or any housemate was out at a party or drinking with their friends this housemate would get very angry for not having been invited along. This is the first of many stories I have, so I hope you enjoy reading these as more are to come.
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