Any advice on solving roommate issues?

Hi there – I’m trying to set-up a way to AVOID roommate problems with my next roommates. What are the top five things I should do? Thank you!

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  1. Oliver says:

    1. I know it’s sounds petty but receipts for everything. If they don’t give then get a book and document. Moved in with work “friends” who turned out to be dodgy as.
    They couldn’t understand why I refused to pay the 5th quarterly electricity bill in a 6 month period. Would constantly come to me with the same bill as previously us month for gas/electricity/water. They even tryied to conspire to say I didn’t pay rent to try to sue me to get money. So yeah protect yourself.
    2. Discuss, agree me stick to “sharing” policy before living with people. You’d be amazed how many people want to share when you have or when you shop. I shared a house with a woman who demanded we all use our own condaments/foods/groceries, constantly accused me and others of using her stuff when no one was but when she ran out (constantly) would use others under the guise of “I’m just getting back what you took from me”.

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