Little Secret

I was just out of college, had a minimum wage plus commission sales job working retail and found a cheap rental in a fairly nice part of town- two bedroom. One of the guys I worked with mentioned he wasn’t getting along with his roommates and asked if he could sublet out the other bedroom from me- he even said he’d be willing to pay for cable/internet/phone service for both of us if I let him have the room. I’m thinking great! No brainer! so I let him have the room. All went well for about a week then one day he approaches me and asks if it’s okay if he puts a lock on his bedroom door because he likes his privacy. I was fine with that- then I get home from work that evening and he not only put on a new door knob with a key-entry lock, but also put a chain lock on the inside of the door in his room.
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The Paranoid and the Suicidal Drunk

It started out the second semester of my freshman year. I had just transferred from a room in the same building that had been a “temporary triple” (yeah right) for the first semester for me and two other guys. I met my new roommate, (we’ll call him Jim) but NOT my suitemate (there was only one, despite both rooms being double, and for a very good reason, as I found out).

A few weeks in, my suitemate (we’ll call him L) made his first introduction. “How?” you ask? By barging through the bathroom and promptly accusing me and my roommate of going into his room. No, we replied, we hadn’t gone into his room. (The suite is joined by a common bath, btw).

A week or two later, my roommate and I noticed the bathroom smelled like weed. We immediately reported L to the RA. Ok, she said, but she could not do anything until she had evidence (we never could get any.)
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Cohabitation FAIL

I’ve only been living with my boyfriend for about 3 months and I’m already moving out.

Oh my god.

I knew he was messy before I moved in. I can’t say I was blindsighted by his horrible housekeeping habits, but I honestly thought we could rectify that. I thought I’d rub off on him or at least he’d have some desire to help out just so I could be comfortable and happy. Apparently: fuck my comfort and joy.

He is A REVOLTING ANIMAL. I started to say pig but I decided that would be unfair to the swine species.

I’ve never understood how some people van just kick back and chill in a virtual trash heap. Me, I can’t really enjoy a movie or a nap if garbage is spilling out onto the kitchen floor a few feet away or there is dirty underwear on the kitchen counter. I’m by no means OCD, but filth is uncomfortable and hindersome.
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hell with ungrateful bitch

I am a girl in my early 20s just got in my third year in college. I used to live in a house by my own until i figured that the rent was super high so i decided to move in with my best friend at the time (lets call her Tina). We found a nice place and we moved.

The thing with Tina is that she has an OCD condition i didnt know about until we moved in together. She likes putting things together in specific numbers (she likes 3,5,7,10 not 2,4,6 etc). So the problem appeared when she wanted to have full responsibility about the house decoration and didnt care about what i wanted or at least listen to my ideas. She even took my things and placed them whenever she liked again without asking, and whenever i tried to move anything she kept putting it back. So we reached to a point where, the living room wall has 10 frames (not more or less), in every table (and generally all around the house) there are 3 or 5 thinks etc and i cant change ANYTHING. Im not a freak with decoration so i stopped caring after a certain point.
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Losing Jack Knob

My roommate makes life miserable. This roommate sits around all day long farting and never seems to remember to flush the stinking toilet, so it’s common to see large foul floater’s in the toilet. In addition he is constantly playing his computer games and talking to his nerds with the head phones on.. He thinks he is apparently the real Captain Kirk. He works crappy hours from like 10 pm to 6 am., so he is basically never gone! I am in bed usually by 11 and before you know it he is back walking around farting, making the house stink, playing his games.. If I go in the kitchen, he runs out of his stinking room to requesting to borrow food or trying to bum cigarettes. He has never cleaned up after himself since the day he moved in and if you ask him to help with something he will say “No I am going to catch some zzz’s” As he walks away you realize he friggin just blew a nasty fart.. Worst part about is he always complains about having to pay rent and he seems to always be broke because he smokes cigs like they are going out of style! As a result he eats everyone’s food and lies about doing it.. I am done dealing with the annoying roommates.. they only get worse with time.
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Strange Roommate

I read a few of these horror stories on here and decided to post one of my own, one dealing with the roommate I had for a year during my freshman term of college. It’s not a horror story but more of a funny/strange one.

So a little background… I am an only child and have always been a pretty clean person- not crazy about it or a total neat freak but I would help my parents with chores, wash dishes etc. and my room looked pretty immaculate every day. So off I go to college at 20 (I worked for two years after graduating) having always slept in my own room with no one else and suddenly I find myself in a tiny dorm room with another guy sleeping 5 feet away from me, one that I come to learn has no understanding of the word ‘clean’.

This guy, let’s call him Ryan. He doesn’t say a whole lot when we’re moving in and introduced. He brings his own fridge, which is cool because I had my own under the bed and that way there’s no confusion about food. He puts up a few posters and his mom helps him move in all his clothes and school stuff. No more than two weeks pass before the room starts to look lived-in, and not in a good way.
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Unbelievably Fake

photo-1My roommate had a friend over for three nights and four days, and since that roommate drove hours to come see her, I decided I be extra nice and stay out of the room as much as possible, even to asked someone to spend the night at their place for a night. She already picked the “better” side of the room during move in, as in, she left me the window side where the sun directly hits your bed at 7-8am every morning and the side that is divided smaller and put right in front of the bathroom, but I gave her the benefit of the doubt, and thought to still be nice and advise her on the campus, school, professors, etc. She even uses my microwave daily, and I never complain to her about the things she does, while she always complained about things I couldn’t control. I can explain those too if you like. (It’s not things like leaving hair all over her side of the room even after they become multiple hair balls like she did to me)

Anyway, so when her friend was over, they would use the hairdryer, microwave, and chit chat while giggling starting at 8am in the morning! So I messaged her what the picture says.

I don’t know if I’m allowed to upload her response, so I’ll summarize it instead. She said that she “appreciated [me] leaving me the room,” but since she never asked me to, it has nothing to do with her. And she said that they didn’t use the hairdryer until after 11am, while omitting using MY microwave, which is right next to my bed, at 9am. It woke me up, so I checked the time on my phone. Also, that they were “reasonably quiet” with the chit chatting and giggling.

Did I mention that although she kept saying she missed her friend, while she spent a whole day asking her friend for help in one of her classes? I even heard her say, “Haha, you wouldn’t happen to have taken stats too?”
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