morning person

I grew up sharing my bedroom with my little brother so I guess I’m use to living with someone in a small room but my roommate who everyone calls Goofy is driving me crazy cuz he’s a morning person. I mean a really early morning person. He gets up at like 5 every morning.

Then he turns on his desk light and starts doing push ups and sit ups in the middle of the floor every morning. He tries to be quiet and stuff but the room is like 12 feet by 12 feet so thats sort of impossible. After he’s done exercising he gets on his laptop so I hear him typing and I hear all the sounds that his laptop makes cuz he don’t turn down the volume.

He stays up really late too and I don’t know how he does it with so little sleep. I mean he sleeps literally like four hours every night and thats it. I finally went out and got some ear plugs the other day so at least I don’t have to hear him when he’s up. He never leaves the room too. Its like he doesn’t have any friends or something so I don’t get any privacy to do stuff. At least with my little brother I could kick him out and lock the door for a few hours.
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nude dude

My roommate isn’t all that bad really. He’s cool, laid-back, funny and all that and has a ton of neat stories about his life. He’s an only child and both his parents are in their 60’s and what he calls old hippies. He was born when his mother was 45. He’s very much into natural everything and is a strict vegan (but he smokes so go figure) and I’d say his one big fault is constantly lecturing me and everyone else about all the crap we eat and how bad everything is for us. He’s traveled all over the world too which is real cool. Here’s the thing, though. Move-in day and he gets to the dorm about an hour after I did. We meet for the first time and are talking as we set up the room. He doesn’t have much stuff and neither do I. He was being very polite and asking me if it was okay to put this here and that there and all that when he asks me if it’s okay for him to put some pictures on a common shelf we share. I said of course, go ahead and out they came. The first one was a picture of his parents. Big deal, huh? They’re on a beach and both naked.
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The Selfish Pill-Popping Nurse.

rude-noteSo it’s my freshman year of college. I met my roommate online (lets call her Alaina), and we got along great. But then move in day rolled around and things already started going down hill. She got there an hour before me and was mostly unpacked, but left her half empty boxes all over the place so I couldn’t get any of MY stuff in to unpack.
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48 Three-year Olds

This is my senior year at college (a large midwestern university) and I have lived in the dorms the entire time. The first three years were in the same room with the same roommate and he was great- quiet, respectful of my privacy, friendly- just an all-around nice guy. But he graduated last year so this year I decided to become a resident advisor since that means getting a room to myself and a nice break on the room and board expense. I knew going in that there would be times I regretted it (guys getting locked out of their rooms at 3 AM and stuff like that) but I had no idea what a hassle it really is.
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What da F***?

I got good references on this girl, a friend who knows her said she would be a great roommate but now all I want is her out of the house. Lucky I only did a six month contract with her and I own the house, so in one more month this bitch is going to find all her junk piled on the front porch and the locks all changed. I already told her I’m kicking her out and the bitch doesn’t believe me because she thinks she’s such a nice person.
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My dorm only has two triple rooms and I got one of them which is sort of okay because our room is like twice as big as all the other rooms. One of my roommates, Bob, is real cool. He’s super friendly and we have a lot in common so we hit it off right away, but the the other one, Jim, is a nightmare. The dude is a basket case who totally obsesses about everything. First, he always has to have the door locked no matter if we’re in the room or not.
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Best Friend

M and I had been best buds since 2nd grade and knowing someone that long, you would think you would be able to move in and live with him with no problems. Boy was I wrong. We applied to the same university on the same day, got our acceptance letters the same day and everything was great! No brainer that we would get a dorm room together, after all we hung around with each other constantly any way. I had known M was kind of spoiled his entire life. His mom did everything for him but wipe his butt. She even cut up his meat before serving him his dinner! So of course the first thing I find out is that M doesn’t know how to do a thing on his own. Laundry? Nope. Cleaning up? Nope. Nothing. I’m not kidding.
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