From Best Friends to Bullies

Overal I’d say my freshman year in college was awesome. I got so lucky. I signed up for 3 random roommates who in time became my best friends. It was like a sisterhood, we all got along so well and the 4 of us did everything together. The one girl was a year older whom we called Mama because she was very motherly towards us and was always the advice-giver. But going into our sophomore year, everything started to change. All of us had boyfriends except for Mama, well, she did her own thing and loved it. She was more independent than the rest of us and liked being on her own.
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So this girl seemed super fun at first. Studies Art and Literature. Gets black out drunk every night in the kitchen, alone until 5 am and just fall over stuff, drops glasses, broke a bone once. Act like nothing happened the next day. Rinse and repeat. Talks non stop about her problems, does not care for mine. She refuses to see any problem with it.
I smile, I clean up, I start to become this bitter annoyed person who has to take care of a drunk every night. I need to move now, I just realised. I started to not meet my friends as often as I used to because all I can talk about are these endless horrible hours I spend every night with this brabbling unhinged woman. Good grace I do feel sorry for her. But I also feel sorry for myself. My advice, please please listen to me: If you ever move in with an alcoholic by accident, don’t waste time, get out of there. It will eventually make you depressed, as nice as the person seemed at first. I didn’t know better, I stuck around for way to long. Don’t waste time, get out.
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Steve started out being a totally normal guy when we started rooming together last August. We live in one of the smaller dorms on campus and everyone here is real nice and everything but Steve just gets more and more weird every day. He started out in the pre-med program saying he wanted to be a doctor and was getting real good grades and everything. He told me he was a straight A student in high school. He was hanging out with everyone, being real social and just seemed like a perfectly normal guy and I’m thinking great, I got a good roommate.
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Creepy and scary

The summer of 2014 was a crazy time for me, I had a girlfriend who forgot me, (she got into an accident and forgot everything, yes like the vow) anyway then I decide to move out of my parents house, why? Because I thought: “hey why the hell not.”. So I moved in with this friend of mine whose name is Zakk. Good guy at first, we were close we had smoked weed the first time together and did it for a few months during the summer. Well we worked at the same job and my car was the only one working at the time. So we used my truck to get everywhere and do everything, needless to say he was around me like white on rice and at first it was ok, and then well one night he got pissed about something we both don’t know why.
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Feline Friends

Much to my dismay this is very real and I wish I was making it up; I’ll keep it semi short. My roommate knows I work an 8-4 schedule excluding weekends. He however works 1 day a week and he is what people would identify as a recluse. Stays in his room constantly and he has no drive to do anything. That’s fine, live your life the way you want to. I came home earlier than expected from work one day and thought what the hell, I’ll see if he wants to go out somewhere(as I think it is very unhealthy to be inside that much). I open his door and much to my shock I find him kneeled down with his cat looking at her from behind and sticking what looked like cotton swaps into her vagina.
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Totally GROSS!

Okay, I’m a freshman at a large east coast university living in the dorms. My roommate last semester was a total downer. He was a spoiled rotten mommy’s boy who actually quit school because he was homesick but this isn’t about him. This is about my new roommate who I’ll call Raj. Raj used to live two floors up and moved out of his old room because he said he had issues with his old roommate. Yeah. Issues is right. Oh my fucking GOD!
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Not MY Roommates, But Still…

About 10 years ago in Florida, I was dating a guy (we’ll call him S) that was originally from Atlanta. He was attending Full Sail (a college that mostly trains people to work in the entertainment industry), and had a nice apartment fairly close to the school. We had been dating for a while, and I was spending most of my time with him if I wasn’t at work. Pretty much, I was living with him, even though I had my own apartment with my sister. Now, S was not the cleanest of people. His room was kind of trashed (mostly with cigarette ash all over the place) and there was junk everywhere in his apartment. It was a bit gross, but somewhat habitable, since he at least did things like wiping down his bathroom and washing dishes within a day of using them.
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