So I go to a medium sized school in the middle of Michigan thats known for its hockey, pharmacy, optomotry, enginineering, and the end of the year bash called FerrisFest. The actually event is on campus, but over 2000 people show up to the apartment complex I live at each year to party. This year, along with the last two years here, my apartment got trashed by the random people walking in and using the bathrooms. It comes with the territory. Anyways, the next day our lazy roommate that weve already had problems with decided that she would put a handful of cans into the return bag and call it quits. My other roommate and I cleaned and sanitized the entire house, except for the upstairs (where me and the lazy girls rooms are).
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Most racist roommates

I am getting ready move only after two months living with what I thought were great ppl only after turns out that are users liars lazy and insane at times they used slurred racism and downgrade to my parents and siblings been emotional distraught getting place on my mind. Til than no one but me gets food and drinks and no burrowing money
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Unintelligent roommate/landlord

When I started making enough money at 18 I moved in with someone from Craigslist who owned her own 2 bedroom house. She was in her late 30’s, had a high paying job, worked a lot and wasn’t home much, this was good for me becuase I could have the house to myself. But soon noticed that even though she made a lot of money and was independent, she wasn’t too smart! I like the house bright and sunny with curtains open, she likes all the curtains and blinds shut with the house dark!! And during winter, she liked the temperature no more than 55 degrees! I can’t stand the cold but since the rent was low, I got through it.
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Morning wood party…

I had freshly graduated high school and decided to venture off as an adult and move out of my parent’s place. I was also a total nerd and decided to attend community college classes during the summer while I worked, and met a girl in my math class who was looking for a roommate. At the bargain price of $200 a month, I jumped on board to live with this girl and her friend. These women were in their 20’s, and I quickly found I was getting my money’s worth. The girl who got me to move in dropped out of classes in a week, and claimed she was too busy on her night job of “bartending”. The other roommate had a significantly older boyfriend who would try to boss me around, and steal my food. And while I could expand on that joker, I decided to instead discuss the most traumatizing part of this experience: the parties.
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Just Some Jackass

Freshman year, all of us are moving into dorms where around 100 of us are stuffed into one hall. I had a single for a while because my first roommate moved out. Singles are awesome to have because you could do ANYTHING. That all disappeared when my new roommate moved in.

At first, I kinda liked him because he was energetic and willing to do things. He lived like a nomad only carrying some stuff with him and it seemed great because he isn’t carrying too much shit with him. As the days rolled by, every little bit about him I started to hate even more.

Firstly, he’s a smoker. Since our campus is considered to be “smoke-free” he gets away with it by crossing the street and smoking where no one could stop him. Then after he finishes, he comes back in and brings along that pungent stench of tobacco with him. Because he didn’t technically break any rules, the RA couldn’t really do anything but tell me to talk to him and deal with it myself.
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Piece of Sh!t

I had a few horror stories in college but the worst took place once I moved off campus. I moved into a house with 4 guys (I’m a girl.) At first we were all fine (taking out our own trash, cleaning up our own messes) until about 2 months into living there. We all made a mutual decision to get a dog (that everyone would mutually rotate taking care of) we determined we were adults the discussion didnt need to go further then that. Except it should have the dog was approx. 1-2 years old and had the mind set of a 6 month old puppy who required lots of training and patience. Continue reading

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Invasion of the Apes

I was a freshman in college when I made the worst decision of my life. I decided to get an apartment with a girl that I had known for a few years. I honestly never thought it would turn bad, but boy was I wrong. Have you ever heard the line you never truly know someone until you live with them? Well it is the truth. Things started out fine, but then I noticed I was the only one taking out the trash and I was cleaning and doing our towels every time. She never would help with anything even after I said something.
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