Lost 2 best friends

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Unwanted Pest

http://viagravscialispillsblab.accountant viagravscialispillsblab.accountant One day comes when my roommates weren’t home and I had company over. They had left a huge mess in the living room so I decided to clean it before my company came over. The only thing I left for them were the dishes, as I had spent 3 hours cleaning up their mess. The next day, I go into the kitchen and I see half of the dishes left in the sink with a note that says “if you do anything that dirties a dish CLEAN YOUR DISHES! I will only clean mine and my kids from now on!” Continue reading

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http://genericviagraforsalemenonline.accountant viagra on line first week to understand I made a mistake. He didn’t work. They ate all my food, he drank all my beer. he tease me because I worked. he beat his dogs. He went through my things when I was at work. he sexually touched me. And touched my daughter when she visited me.
I lived in hell for 3 months. I left and got sued for not paying last months rent. This man is a phoney scum.
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Basically a Squatter

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the nag who liked vanilla

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The dictator

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Dirty, two faced slob (Graphic)

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