Never live with a couple

I’m an easy going person, I’ve lived with a lot of different people and never had any problems. And then… along came Katie. She’d been living in the house longer than me, with her boyfriend (which I wasn’t thrilled about. No one mentioned there would be a couple). And it all began.

It started with passive aggressive notes, having a go at us for not putting the dishes away. Then she kept moving my pans and kitchen bits from wherever I’d put them. Irritating, bit not too bad. She then broke my bike. And denied it despite all the evidenceclearly putting to her – she turned the whole thing sound and made herself out to be a victim. She had constant loud fights with her boyfriend, shouting and throwing things around .
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Found this on facebook

I do have a shit roommate and have a ton of shit stories to tell all ofyou, but I found this on my facebook. The kid who posted it was a few years older then I was, but his (half) sister is my roommate and his mom was best friends with my mom and she was a wonderful lady. This guys roommate was literally the worst human being ever. He spent $2000 getting a puppy mill dog from the mill and then would feed it food it was allergic to then beat the poor thing when it went to the bathroom every where. He was a horrible person and I am so glad my friend retaliated. Also his dad works with my friends dad and there isn’t any way that he would get in trouble because the shit roommates parents knew things where going down hill and where trying to get the roommate to clean up his act. I just wanted to share with you all

Upon discovering that my fucking fucking fuck of a roommate broke into my locked room, took $300 I had in my desk for bills this month, stole my credit cards, rang up $7000 in charges, smoked all of my weed, broke my $350 rig, and jacked off on my bed then used my 22 year old baby blanket to wipe the jizz off his micro penis I did the following.
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Two for One?!?!?!?!

Back in February I moved in with my boyfriend. We’ve been together a little over a year. I met him on Christian Mingle and we just really hit it off from the beginning. He’s been living in a nice, large two bedroom condo for nearly three years with his long-time friend I’ll call T. T and my boyfriend are like white on rice when it comes to their friendship. In fact I use to tease them about having a bromance going on. Before we met those two did almost everything together. Well, maybe not almost everything. More like everything as I found out.

I moved in on a Saturday. On Sunday morning my boyfriend and T went out jogging while I slept in. They were gone about an hour then I hear them come back in. We have a large bathroom with a huge walk-in shower and bathtub between the two bedrooms. It’s one of those “Jack and Jill” affairs with doors going to both bedrooms as well as a door to the hallway. I heard the bathroom door to the hall open then I heard the shower turn on. Then I heard the two of them talking and I’m thinking to myself “Are those two taking a shower together?” Yes. They were. My boyfriend came out of the bathroom to get dressed and of course I ask him. He tells me the water heater is small and doesn’t heat up that fast so they usually shower together. Okay. Plausible explanation.
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Don’t know

Ya, so I don’t do the smartest things in the world every once and a while. My roommate is bi and he told me that like the first week we was rooming together. I teased him about it and he teases me back by calling me hot and sexy and shit like that. Anyway a couple months ago we got a little messed up drinking a bottle of Jack I snuck into the room and like he started to tease me and come on to me and shit and it was kinda making me hot cuz we was so wasted and I ended up fooling around with him. I felt like shit for a while after that like really weird and stuff and sorta couldn’t believe I did that. It’s like I slept with another guy and it was fucking weird knowing that cuz we kissed and everything. What was weirder was like the next morning he wakes up and we’re laying in our beds and he’s telling me how hot is was and everything and I didn’t know what to say so I’m like saying “ya it was hot” and shit like that.
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Little Terrorist

I moved in with my girlfriend last year. First thing, let me say that I love her to the ends of the world. She the best thing to ever happen to me except for one thing. Her little brother RJ is Satan. I kid you not. RJ is 8 years old. He comes to our apartment every day after school and stays until about 7 pm when his father comes and picks him up. Here’s my first experience with RJ. He comes in from school and my girlfriend Anne isn’t home from work yet. RJ asks me if he can have something to drink and I say fine. I hear the fridge open and what I thought was a can of coke open. I walked into the kitchen and there stands RJ drinking one of my beers. He looks at me, smiles and says “You didn’t say what I could have.”
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The Caretaker

This isn’t about one of my roommates, it’s about my father’s live-in caretaker. My parents divorced some time ago then about seven years ago my father started to show signs of dementia. At first I moved in with him but it soon became obvious that dad needed more care than I was capable of providing so after extensive interviews with numerous agencies we found dad a full-time, live-in caretaker I’ll call Sean. At first Sean was a Godsend. Dad liked him, Sean kept dad active and involved and everything went fine for about a year.
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Worst DEADBEAT Roomate Ever

A little over a year ago I moved to a small town in Nebraska. I was living with family and I didn’t know anyone else, so I went on craigslist to find a friend. I met this guy named Mike. He was a super nice guy, but very odd. I didn’t have a car so I would bum rides off Mike, and he was always cool about it. I eventually got tired of living with family, so Mike offered to live with him. I moved into his place and started working where Mike worked. Everything was great at first, but then Mike kept having issues at work.
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