Chinese exchange student and Love Shack

So I am an American but I moved to the international student dorms at my college so I could connect with people from other cultures and learn about life in other countries. It has been a fairly positive experience except for my first roommate. She was Chinese and so was her boyfriend. They had met in China but were assigned separate dorms. Her and I shared a room but the first couple nights they took her mattress and slept out in the living room area. I didn’t really like the arrangement, our dorm was very tiny and the mattress took up 90% of the floor space in the “living room”.

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should l ignore them too!

I am an introvert (shy, reserved, quiet) and most of the time l prefer to lay in my bed because l am not outgoing. Come this second year l got 5 more people to share room with!

Come to think of it, l woke up every morning and made sure that l greet everyone in the room. Well of course they never asked me to, l did it because l wanted to.

The other one who stays by the door, the one who pretends to be nice is now my worst enemy ever. This is what she do, wakes up every morning expecting me to greet her, initiate a conversation with her, listens to your story and keeps laughing. When she is with her friends she is busy gossiping about me.
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Loud and obnoxious

I am a very quiet person and like to keep to myself. My roommate on the other hand is a nightmare, he is loud, riotous, insanely rude and unbearable. I cannot take the way he talks about me like I can’t hear him when I am in the other room. I also cannot stand how self-righteous he is, only I make the mistakes- he is perfect in all senses in his mind. He comes home drunk every weekend calling my name and asking me to help him and he is always on the phone talking insanely loud and playing very loud music. I hate this negativity and bad energy in the place I am living and it makes me anxiety and paranoia 10 times worse. He is also incredibly racist, sexist, homophobicand transphobic and it’s the worst. I don’t know how to deal with this as I can’t move out, but also can’t go on living like this. I am too scared to confront him as he just laughs at me.
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IMG_20161001_205247This is my extremely messy flatmate who likes leaving her hair on the bathtub every time she’s in the f*cking shower.
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Delusionally stank

When I initially moved in with my roommate I knew something was funny about her. Not only did she make me itch, she made me cringe. In other words, even though she came off nice, my Spidey senses were not tingling, but on fire. I brushed it off until I was met with a smell. An overwhelming damp smell I couldn’t really pinpoint. This led her to spray, spray, and spray her perfume in the air every time she came in the room. Due to my history of severe anxiety, I thought it was me. I made sure my laundry was done every week. I made sure I sprayed my bed down with febreeze. I washed more thoroughly. I mean, c’mon! I was over here busting my ovaries for Christ sake! Still….that smell, though. It was strong. It mixed in way too well with her perfume. Then it hit me….it was her ass!! Tediously so, the spraying continued… I didn’t want to be rude, so I didn’t say anything. That was until her friends started saying slick comments around me. One was “smells bad, looks bad”, which totally had me confused. They were quite open with it actually. I was pissed. I was upset. I wanted to trash her side of the room. Long story short, I confronted her friend and she heard me. She moved out the same day…. If I was so stank, why didn’t move out weeks ago?
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Foot Dust and Nudity

This happened a couple years ago, and it is still horrible to even think about. I am a girl, and I was about 20 years old. I shared a room with a girl my junior year of college, which was not new to me as I had a shared room since beginning college, to save money. I have gotten along easily with all my other roommates, and had few problems, but this roommate was different. I decided to simply have a roommate assigned this semester, to simplify things. She was a very odd girl, and had some strange habits, and honestly seemed a little bit crazy. This would not turn me off for being her friend, but she also made it clear she wasn’t looking for friends.
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Don’t offer a friend in need a place to stay for free!

I went to a commuters college right after high school, so I still lived with my mom at the time. My second semester I ended up sharing 3 classes with the same guy, very heavy, extremely gay, awesome to talk to and hang out with between classes. After about a year he told me his parents were kicking him out, since his grades weren’t that great. Mine weren’t either (I’ve never been a great student) so I sympathized and said I would talk to my mom about seeing if he could stay with us for a while. My mom is cool with it, saying he could use the guest bedroom, free of charge.

The day before he moves in he comes over so I can give him a key, show him his room, and give him a tour of the house. The first thing he says when he sees his room was “oh, it’s not a king bed” I just looked at him and was like “no, the room isn’t big enough and all the beds in the house are full size.”
“My bed at home is a king” my thoughts were, well good for you but your parents kicked you out so you get a full. What did he expect us to do, but him a new bed?
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