I’d rather be homeless then have to put up with this crap.

Worst. Roommate. Ever. Meet Sarah. Total control freak. When I moved in during December 2012 the first thing I noticed was a lock box on the thermostat. I finally pressured her into removing it only to have to listen to her bitching about the heat being over 55 for the next few months and the heating bills too high. Her remedy? Space heaters! In the summer when I tried to start a garden I was told no, that the back yard was her space. When I slept on the couch downstairs and worked downstairs to avoid my claustrophobic attic room, I was “hogging the living room” and invading the space she likes to sit in. When the cat died and I posted on facebook that my cat died (I felt like the cat was part mine as he slept in my room alot) she freaked out and didn’t talk to me for an entire month and started making threats toward me.
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Roommate from hell.

You want a bad roommate story? Well I have one for you! My roommate freshman year was the worst! Lets call her hmm, Sally. Now when we first starting rooming together Sally was a great roommate. She and I got along fine. However halfway through second semester things started to fall apart. First she would set alarms for her morning classes. They would begin at 6:30am however, she would set them 5 minutes apart and let them ring until I got up and shut them off. These alarms would continue to go off until I left the room at noon for my classes. Then she start opening all the windows in the room so it was freezing. When ever I would shut one, she would just open it again.
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Living with friends

Okay thought it would be a great idea to finally move out of moms place and step into the real world. Long story short a group of friends and my self find a nice town house. 3 bed huge living room and basement. 3 lvls. Right I know you would think there would be loads of space. True but that’s not the problem by a long shot. These fools are dirty as fuck!!! Bathroom will have to be litterally a porter potty for someone to maybe think about cleaning it. I said think not do. The kitchen stays a mess from the damn stove to the fridge. The fridge c’mon now haha. Plates never washed off, dishes piled high as the sky. Smelly dish rags sitting in water for days at time. Full plates of spaghetti thrown in dishwasher like it’s some magic cleaning thing. It’s like mother fucker wash off your plate. But they don’t lol. The trash will have to be falling on floor first for it to get thrown. After it’s been pushed down a million times. Did I mention I live with black people, not racist at all but there hair gets every where in the bathroom. EVERYWHERE. Never gets cleaned. The bathroom sink is horrible almost as bad as the toilet. These fools swear they grown lol. Oldest person in the house is 21. We all have jobs and take care of bills it’s just the living conditions that’s the main problem. Another thing! Damages!! A whole was punched in the wall as soon as you come inside door. Like how can I have my mom come visit me with that saying hello at the door. Doors kicked in due to crazy girlfriends. Doors also kicked it do to locked doors. Never ever do the roommate thing. I don’t care if it’s your best friend from kindergarten: don’t do it. Get your place. Be the captain of your own ship.
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skinny pothead

So, after an unfortunate ordeal with an (ex) boyfriend that hit me, I moved out of my house with one of my other roommates, who I’ll call Skinny. Now, at the house, Skinny was a pretty good roommate.
Trouble began when he and I got an apartment together. This place was TINY, probably 800 sq. ft. We made it work though. Now, Skinny and I both smoked, and this wasn’t a problem. Until one night he meets a guy who was “really cool” at a bar and invited him back to the house to smoke. When they were done, they jammed out, and unkonown dude crashed on the couch. However, when we woke up in the morning, unknown stranger had stolen my jewlery, Skinny’s lap-top, dvds, and other various things from our tiny apartment.
Not to mention that this sickly skinny guy was a “chubby chaser” and would have a series of very large girlfriends. (It hurts my head to think about them having sex, which I could hear)
He’d get all melacholy when they’d break up and play whiny music loudly while trying to talk to me about why he’s alone. Then when I get a boyfriend, he starts getting weirdly jealous and telling us that my boyfriend can’t stay with us, ever. Boyfriend and I worked in the town where I lived, and boyfriend’s living three towns away, so it was easier for him to stay with us.
When I went to move out, Skinny tried to keep as much of my stuff as he could.
Never having roommates agin!
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Fuck this shit.

I am a woman living with two other women in a two bedroom/two bath apartment. We are all in our twenties, currently going to school, and two of us work. I am currently taking a credit overload and work 20 to 30 hours a week, so I’m fairly busy.

I have known my roommates since we started college, three years ago. One of them was my roommate for a year and a half in the dorms, the other one I sublet an apartment with for a semester, and now for the past year we all three live together.

While I was living with each separately, we got along fine. Sure, we had our problems, but it wasn’t anything major. Now that we all live together, it is getting ridiculous. When we moved in, I brought most(all) of the furniture for the living room and dining room- two couches, a tv stand, a recliner, a table, and four chairs. All of it was in fairly good condition and the table was brand new. Well, one of my roommates claimed one of the couches as her own and has sense picked the stitching off of the arm so that the structure shows. She also managed to tear a huge hole into one of the cushions. The two of them broke the recliner (it no longer reclines) because one person would be sitting on it and the other person would tackle them… While one the chair. And the whole thing would go thundering backwards. And tonight, they have managed to break on of my dining room chairs to the point where it will probably never be structurally sound again. (I’m pretty good with fixing things, but I need an extra screw. We’ll see how that goes.) Oh, and they didn’t tell me they broke it. They just ran off to bed really early and left me to find it. Have I mentioned that one of their boyfriends spray painted two glow-in-the-dark dicks on the wall in our hallway? Yep. They still think that is hilarious.
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I live with a Child.

So my roommate and I met at a summer job two years ago. I was 19 and she was 17, I am now 21 and she is 19. We got along famously at work, had a blast when we first met. At the time I had another roommate that was quite messy and it made me extremely angry, being a generally clean person. Little did I know, when I moved out of this person’s house and moved in with my now current roommate I would be taking a HUGE step down in the cleanliness scale. Now, I know that everyone can be a little messy sometimes and she she just graduated last year but her messes are ridiculous.

After cleaning the mirror in the bathroom, there are handprints and smudges all over it. I can only assume that she loves to rub her face all over the mirror, or even draw pictures in the fog from her breathe. I then continue to find things crusted on the counter in the bathroom. Opening the cupboard there are 3 cups (that are the ones I brought) with I don’t know what in them, both empty and full pop cans and bottles without lids on them. She also leaves her clothes on the floor after having a shower. Now this part would not be such a big deal for me if she came and picked them up after getting ready, but she lets these clothes pile and pile up until I can’t open the door anymore. I end up putting them right in front of her bedroom door.
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Nasty Roommate

Omg….So I am sitting here thinking about how I can talk about my roommate without saying horrible things to her face…..so I googled and it brought me here…
Here I go..So my roommate, we met about a year ago, thought she was pretty cool. We hung out a lot and came time when she needed a place to stay. I told her she could stay here at my place. HUGE MISTAKE.
When she moved in things were fine, I started noticing when I would throw one thing away in the garbage, the garbage would be empty in a couple of hours. I thought I had a ghost, or I was going crazy. I don’t empty the trash when I have one thing in the bin, so where was it going? Not sure but didn’t pay much attention to it. So I went on with my days, and I started noticing things getting bad. My roommate will buy 5 items at the grocery store….and then 3 days later buy the exact 5 items at the store again….She saves everything, from straws, to yogurt cups, to QT cups. She would never throw anything out, so all the food she would buy at the grocery store would rot in the fridge, and she would leave me to clean it up. The other day there was rotting yogurt, I took a picture of it sent it to her and asked if she was going to clean it up. Not only did she say no, but she asked me to clean it up for her and keep the Yogurt container. WTF. Are you serious?? ummm NO! She would do 8 loads of laundry a day, so loads were her stripper clothes so the amount of clothing was very little and she would use a full cycle on the washer, so it would run our electric way up. One time she left her dirty bloody, underwear in the sink for a WEEK and A HALF. How do I know how long it was? Oh because I made note of it. I finally took the underwear out and through them in the laundry room. Her room is a hoarders room, she has 1 million bottles of lotions, vitamins, Kleenex and anything else you can imagine. She was supposed to move in May, but she gave me a two day notice and she is moving out March 31st I can’t wait to have her GONE!
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