Make sure they KEEP jobs.

enhanced-buzz-4346-1365304341-0It all started when I was on a site looking for roommate. A nice lady pops up. Said she knows someone who would be a good match. We get to talking and we eventually meet. They move in. We hang out. Everything is fine.. So. The second week they are here the disaster begins. I had issues paying a major bill account of a lost card.. They had the money. and Refused to help even knowing I was in a tough mess. That passed. I figured it out. Then the new “First” official month. I get told I am harassing her. I am OCD, Perfectionist. I tend to stress. So to make me not so bad, I use a white board. It tells me when bills are due, when they were paid. They didn’t like that. So, with that.. I was called “passive aggressive”. When most people just call it being organized. So, There was thing where we had to state our issues with each other sign this form. It was signed. I had no issue. Because I was doing really nothing wrong.
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The In-Law

image This is a sad messed up story, warning.

About a year ago, my sister was murdered. I was pregnant at the time and after discussing with my family what the best option was, my husband and my son and I decided to move to the west coast so that our child would not grow up in the grief we all share.
We moved in with my biological father, who had recently moved in with his brother to help with bills. To be clear, we could have gotten our own house, money wasn’t an issue for us but my Uncle needed help because his fiancĂ©e was unemployed. She is the problem, she is… The In-Law.
When we first got here, I had money saved up. In an effort to be kind, I volunteered to make dinner often (I was a chef previous to being a mom). I also established right away that I am a clean person and enjoy a clean home. I noticed immediately that their house was dirty (like, had not been vacuumed or cleaned in years).
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Military School Roommates

I began my freshman year of high school at a public school close to my house . After 5 weeks at the school, of which were filled with tardies, absences, and grades that were submerged in toilet water, my mother made the decision to pluck me out of said school, and place me in an all-boys, private, military boarding school in the middle of nowhere in a neighboring state. Needless to say, I was pissed, but I figured it wouldn’t be so bad after arriving at the school. Within minutes I met my roommate. He was short, babyfaced, and seemed like an even-tempered, all around cool dude. I thought that we would be great together, and began looking forward to rooming with him for the rest of year. As you can expect, boy was I fucking wrong.

After meeting my roommate, I met a group of kids who were clones of my friends from back home. Later in the evening while eating pizza in the recreation center, one of them says to me “Dude I feel so fuckin sorry for you”, to which I reply something along the lines of “Yeah I know, it doesn’t seem all that bad though. I think I’ll like this place to be honest”. I distinctly remember all of them simultaneously stopping whatever they were doing, giving each other looks, and then proceeding to fall over each other with laughs. I, not really knowing what was going on, even began laughing myself.
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House of hell

Hello I am a single father living in LA. I own a house and have my 9 year old son staying with me. I set up the house for shared living situation in order to have roommates. I mostly have female roommates. I have had my share of good roommates and now I am having my share of bad. Why are females so dramatic. I have a strict no drop overnight guest policy just to limit any liability and over-usage of utilities which I cover for in the rent. Now I have roommates that want the overnight guest policy to be changed. Mind you I explained in the lease to them which they signed and agreed to in the beginning. Now they are bullying me in my own home. I don’t even come out of my room to see them cause they are trouble makers and I do not want any drama. They are always complaining, but their rent is cheap free utilities and wifi and free parking. Any advice. These roommates talk shit about me about all the house rules regarding guests and they are trying to snoop around the house to entrap me. I’m just trying to mind my own business and leave people alone and be a dad. Any advice.
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Roommate couldn’t keep up with rent

Before I met my husband, I moved in with this woman who seemed ok at first. She had no problems with my two cats, and I was going to have the master bedroom with suite bathroom. When I moved in, I found out that she was going to control all of the utilities and rent, I was just supposed to pay half. I was fine with that, although I did kinda want to at least be able to make some changes if needed. Like, add long distance to the phone bill, or change the electric to equal pay every month. But ok, I can handle this. No worse than with any other roommate.

Came home one day to a notice on the door. Rent hadn’t been paid, notice was for five day notice, or we’d be evicted. WTH??? I had paid my part of the rent, given it to her before the rent was supposed to be due. Called her, found out that she didn’t have her part of the rent yet, so hadn’t paid, or let me know. I had the money in my bank, so I went ahead and paid the remainder of the rent, and got repaid later that week. After asking some pointed questions, it turned out that this was a monthly thing. Apparently almost every single month, she had been able to just skirt getting evicted, but was always paying a late fee due to being late every month.
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Disgusting Man

Alright so a friend and I were having trouble finding a 3rd roomate, after awhile we were desprite and ending up pisting an ad on Craigslist. So eventually this guy came along and answered our ad, I wasn’t available to meet this guy but my friend was he said he was older but seemed nice and friendly. I went along with it because we were so desprite. My friend didn’t tell me how much older until move in day where I found out he was 63. My flags went off instantly, I knew that a 63 year old man had no business rooming with college students and that he was trouble right away, but it was too late he already signed the year long lease. After a week he we found out that this man was a alcoholic. He would go out and come back with 2 40oz beers and drink all of it every night. Some nights he would hit the bar and so come back wasted he couldn’t walk so I would have to escort him to his room for him to crash. That wasn’t even the worst part. He was the biggest slob I ever met. Now I don’t pride myself with being the cleanliess person, but this guy was a on a whole other level. We have hard wood floors and he never took his shoes off. I have no clue where he went but he would have the mudiest shoes and leave tracks everywhere he went. He would also never take out the garbage. There was this one time my friend and I were gone for the weekend and the kitchen floor was full of food, spilled beer, and trash that I almost through up. It smelled disgusting we were gone three days and he didn’t even bother to pick up his trash. My friend and I got so pissed. Eventually we got our landlord involved and we are trying to figure out a way to get the situation taken care of.
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Disgustingly Inconsiderate

My roommate my freshman year of college was the worst. She came across as super friendly and nice in the beginning and we really hit it off. But I found out pretty quick that she was telling all our mutual friends that I was a bitch and a cunt and I needed to “dump my boyfriend of 4 years so I can actually enjoy college.” Whatever, the verbal stuff didn’t phase me.
She began borrowing/taking/using my things without asking. This would happen daily. The day would start out with her using my straightener or curling iron, followed by a bit of my makeup, and finished off with an outfit chosen from my closet. When I brought it up with her she would deny it all, even if she was wearing my stuff!
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