Best Friend

M and I had been best buds since 2nd grade and knowing someone that long, you would think you would be able to move in and live with him with no problems. Boy was I wrong. We applied to the same university on the same day, got our acceptance letters the same day and everything was great! No brainer that we would get a dorm room together, after all we hung around with each other constantly any way. I had known M was kind of spoiled his entire life. His mom did everything for him but wipe his butt. She even cut up his meat before serving him his dinner! So of course the first thing I find out is that M doesn’t know how to do a thing on his own. Laundry? Nope. Cleaning up? Nope. Nothing. I’m not kidding.
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Chester the Molester

This was a couple years ago and I had just moved across country because there were no decent jobs where I was living. I started out staying with a friend, but he only had a one bedroom apartment and I was sleeping on his couch. The apartment complex where he lived was pretty big and had a message board in the lobby where people would post for roommates wanted, so I posted a message saying I was looking for a place and within a week I had a couple prospects. The first guy smoked so that was out. The second guy, although he seemed a little strange, was nice enough so I took a room in his apartment. When I told my friend who I was staying with who I was moving in with, he said “Oh- him. He creeps me out!” I asked him why and my friend told me that he was out at the pool one afternoon with his girlfriend and the guy started hitting on him. I asked my friend if the guy was gay and he said that he never saw the dude with other men, just women.
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My punishment for helping out a friend.

Last year around this time my “friend” was being kicked out of his parents’ house because he is basically a drunk. I offered to help him out and move in with him on October and you know what, that was the worst decision I’ve ever made. When move in day came I fell short of some of the payments because I needed to get new tires for my car. Since I was in debt to him I didn’t mind doing the cleaning and stuff like that. Now a month and a half goes by and the first thing he does is punch a hole in the wall like it’s no big deal while he is drunk. I work overnights so I’m usually not here when it happens.
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Passive aggressive psycho

A while ago I sent in a story about my first college roommate, “Ryan”… now I decided to write about my second roommate, who I’ll call Nick.

In my second year of college I chose a different dorm building. The rooms were smaller, but each room had an attached bathroom, so no more putting up with shared bathrooms full of puke from drunken freshmen. It was also closer to classes and the cafeteria. Like the first year, the faculty assigned me a random roommate choice, and at the time I thought there was no way he could be worse than the messy weirdo I ended up with last time. Right?… Wrong.
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The poster

Let’s call him J. He was my roommate last year. This year he is rooming with someone else but in another dorm across the street. His new roommate told me the other day that he wants out right now. At first he didn’t believe me that this dude is nucking futs but now he does. J is on his laptop or his smartphone 24/7. Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, all of them. He never studies and I have no idea how he is even passing his classes and staying in school. It all started about a month after I moved in with him when I got notification that I was tagged on a bunch of Facebook pages on day. I logged in and found about ten pictures of me that J had taken when I was sound asleep the night before. Some of them were pretty fucking funny, I admit that, but still I was pretty pissed and made him take all the posts down.
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middle age loser

I am currently living in a student accommodation which only has me and the new guy in it. He just recently moved in. He is probably in his mid 40s. He smokes all the time in his room, and it penetrates the living room and as well as my room, even with my door closed, the smokes still comes through. What gets me the most is that he acknowledge that he smokes in his room, yet inconsiderate to me. He never even bothered asking me if it is ok, as if I am also a smoker. Worst is that his wife is moving in next week. As if one of them isn’t bad enough, now I have to deal with two.

He also throws cigarette butts in the kitchen sink like an ash tray. And doesn’t even clean up after making a mess. He throws rubbish in the bin without a rubbish bag, he is probably too cheap to buy the rubbish bag. He even used up all my toilet paper and dish washing liquid faster than Usain Bolt can run 100m. As if I get them for free. What a cheap bastard. He always use my pot for cooking, even I told him to get his own.
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Worst 8 1/2 Months of my life!! Unclean Nasty ass cunt!!

So I had just started my college years and my parents and I thought that living in the dorms would be more stressful because it was a known party school and I like things quiet. Anyway, I started looking for apartments, when my dad found a flyer at the school I’m going to basically asking for someone to sublet a room and pay half of all expense. I thought it was a no brainer. So I called her and we arranged for a time to meet and look at the place. Being new to this I never really knew what to look for so I just trusted my dad because he had.
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