Alcoholic With Abusive Boyfriend

Most of this happened to a friend, but I did live with the bad roommate for a brief period of time.

My friend, “Karen”, lived with two other women who were graduate students in a 3-bedroom apartment. These are off-campus apartments that lease by the bedroom, so if your roommate doesn’t pay rent, it doesn’t harm you. “Mel” was nice, but “Mary” had a lot of problems.

Mary was a lot older than all of us, and had some young adult children who didn’t live with her. So, you’d think she’d have her act together. Nope. Mary had a huge drinking problem. What’s worse was that she was also doing other drugs and would bring her drug dealer over to sleep with him. Mary had a boyfriend, Chad, whom Mary had claimed was an abusive rapist. She still kept bringing him to the apartment because she clearly did not care about her safety or the safety of Karen and Mel.
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Was Mom, not roommate

I am a bit older and a little stuck in my ways, but I wasn’t thinking that I would be playing parent to the Princess. The Princess is sweet, but very young.
After she moved in we probably should have sat down and set some ground rules, but I haven’t had to do that before. There were several discussions that cleaning had to be done on a weekly basis. She understood that to mean that I would do all the cleaning. She did do her dishes and take out the trash unnagged but nothing else. But she was going to step up and we didn’t need a cleaning schedule. Yeah, right.
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Roommates: The Seven Worst Years of My Life

Reading the stories about people’s most terrible roommates always amuse me because people can be so horrible and the worst thing is to live with them. I understand what it’s like to live with someone who isn’t who you thought they were. I know what it’s like when things get out of control and you have to move 10 times in 3 years straight. Why does my title say seven? Well, I had roommates throughout middle and high school at a residential school and they all were shit. Some of them bullied me severely and stole my money and things. After graduation from high school, I was finally so happy and can make my own decisions. I thought it’d be much easier to find good people to live with when I go to college. Eventually, I realized none of my college friends were good and they didn’t even care about me at all. Here goes my story…
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People Change

A little over a year ago I moved into an apartment with my then girlfriend and best friend. (It would be fun I said!) What a turn of events. As time went by I realized how controlling my girlfriend was, I couldn’t even hang out with my best friend in the living room while she was home because it was cutting into “our time.” *Insert eye roll* Along with other issues with her, I decided to call it quits despite our Lease not being up. (I had 4 months left). As expected it was a nightmare.
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Aggravating Douche

In University I lived with 5 people – 2 other men and 2 women. One man was from the South of England (Specifically where I cannot remember) who was the biggest dbag I have ever known. I don’t know specifically what was wrong with this guy, but **** he was a bad person. From not doing washing up for days (his, as well as the other 4 peoples dishes etc) to complaining whenever other people didn’t do their washing up, but also complaining about the noise people made in the living room while having a laugh which reverberated through the house when he was playing video games. A funny aspect of this person however was whenever I or any housemate was out at a party or drinking with their friends this housemate would get very angry for not having been invited along. This is the first of many stories I have, so I hope you enjoy reading these as more are to come.
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Living with 2 giants!

I’m 34, was living in a great apartment just me and my girlfriend, everything was great, but then out of no where, she breaks up with me and says its time to move on to bigger and better things, so I pack my stuff and go.
My buddy Lance lets me crash at his place for a while, things are great for a while, we hang out, have some beers, play some video games and watch some flicks, then Lance lets another of his buddies crash here too. The apartment is really small, 1 bedroom place, I was sleepin on the couch/bed and Lance in his room, then his buddy moves in, so now I have to share a bed with Lance because his buddy needs the couch bed, his buddy is a huge guy, 6’10” and over 500 pounds, Lance is pretty huge as well at 6’6″ and 400! Me, I’m the opposite, I’m 5’4″ and 130 and lean.
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Worst Decision EVER!

I live in a house with 3 others girls. The one room had to be filled with a random person we found online. She seemed great at first, seemed to have close family ties and a lot going for her. She claimed to be working full time while in school and playing a varsity sport. We expected a busy and responsible roommate. She also warned us that she had a cat who was hypoallergenic so my severe allergy to cats shouldn’t be a problem.

It wasn’t too long after she moved in that we began to notice things weren’t adding up. There was no cat; even though school was out for the summer, she wasn’t working anywhere close to full time hours; stories she had told in the past had changed; etc. 3 days after moving in, she threw a party when I had to work the next morning. Her friends were terribly rude and left a ridiculous mess which took her days to clean up.
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