My nasty molding scary roommate

IMG_1699So this roommate YF, would leave her slower cooker unwashed for days, leave waffles on the floor and leave her slow cooker ON while she travels to New York City(we live in Ithaca). What’s worse, she throws temper if I tell her to wash her stuff. So yesterday I knocked on her door, maybe a little bit harder than usual because she left that soup spilled on the table for 4 days. I told her to wash her slow cooker and wipe it off.

She yelled at me and then 20 minutes later, her boyfriends knocked on my door REALLY loud and I am wondering what happen. He said that I bully her. Then the girl YF said that she is on a interview and I interrupted(She did not tell me that she was on an interview and that WAS NOT an interview, because she was talking on the phone in Chinese, interviews are always in English). Then she was saying that I have no right to tell her to be clean and that I ruined her interview on purpose and that I can never make it up for her. I apologized because she is just crazy and I am scared of being hurt.
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Any advice on solving roommate issues?

Hi there – I’m trying to set-up a way to AVOID roommate problems with my next roommates. What are the top five things I should do? Thank you!

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So, I’m a freshman girl living with two sophomores (both guys) in a house we all pay rent on. One of the guys is a cool and is a good friend of mine, we’ll call him A. B (the other guy) is a different story. B is barely around, so we haven’t gotten to talk much this semester and I don’t know much about him. When he is around, he’s totally rude and he doesn’t talk to me much. His friends hang around with him when he’s hope, and they all smoke and drink and listen to shitty music. They are loud and disruptive, and they’re usually there when I get off work at 10 and trying to go to sleep. He never cooks, cleans, or hangs out. He doesn’t even say “hi” half the time.
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Why Me????????

I am a 16 year old girl living in a Co-Ed Academy(by choice) with my roommate. She is nice, funny, sweet, chubby, and loved by the entire school by both boys and girls for her charm. Problem is, she smells. Like not the “ooo I got a whiff, let me spritz some Febreze to take care of that.” Like no, she smells like hot ape butt crevice, spoiled onions, and sweating fish. Can you imagine having to sleep in the same room with someone who has such a stench. And what boggles my mind is that she wakes up in a morning and when I say drenches, I mean drenches herself in perfume. It’s like she believes that perfume is her magical shower in a can because never have I seen her once, take a shower with my own two eyes. The women doesn’t even brush her teeth. Like her toothbrush has been exposed on the floor for weeks and it hasn’t even moved. Except for that one time I had to kick aside to get through the bathroom doorway without tripping on it.
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8 Wonderful Stories!

In my freshman year of college, I briefly met this guy named M. We’ve only run into each other a few times, but we had gotten the impression that we were decent enough to live together next year when signing up for on-campus housing came around. I don’t know about him, but for me, it was more like he was the last-minute decision since I hadn’t asked anyone else to be my roommate up until this point. The first semester was okay. M and I had gotten along nicely. We didn’t get really close, but we were friends. I tended to not stay in the dorm room during the day, because the people living next door to us always fought and never acted mature enough to shut up (but that’s another story that I won’t tell). On a side note, our entire suite was set up so that there were basically 2 two-person dorm rooms that were connected in between by a bathroom with one shower and toilet and two sinks. Anyway, It was second semester when things started to go downhill. I started to spend more time in the dorm room because the other two people who fought had moved out, and I started to learn a few things about M. To put it simply, he was childish and stubborn, and he was incredibly narcissistic. Here are the best examples of how fantastic of a roommate (and person) he was:
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cheeky cunt

a few months ago, me and one of my good friends decided to rent and live in an apartment together.
basically im the only one preparing food and cleaning.
one day i left school early, so i made some lunch for myself. my roommate came home and started bitching about how selfish i am.

he is soooo racist, im white and he is arabic. and he is allways having his arab friends over, which ocassionally sleep in my bed and steal from me. and when i confront him about it, he denies it all. when me and my roommate have had an argument, he allways calls his arabic friends over to talk, they speak arabic so i highly suppose they are talking behind my back.

he is allways bitching about how unfair he is treated because he is arabic, such as when he was taking his drivers licence, the teacher dumped him, because he drived bad.

and honestly he does, his dad have lent him his car, and he have allready crashed it a few times.

this motherfucker is greedy af too, when he own me a few bucks its nothing, but when i owe him, he cant stop talking about it. + he allways bitches about how my nationality (danish) is greedy, and talking racist crab about my country, and how his country is much better.

fuck me, i have to live with him for 6 months more at least, if im not getting kicked out before. and if he kicks me out im homeless, and can’t get an apartment because of my age (i’m 17 years old, and he is 19)
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Smoking Exchange

I’m in college and I live with three people.

One is super cool, clean, maybe not that social but he’s probably the best roomate I could have.

The two others: complain and call the administration because I smoke in my room. Worst thing it does not smell in mine but apparently in theirs. They are here for one semester only, one month left but they complain when I smoke inside and I get penalties because of that. OK, I should not smoke inside but c’mon talk to me first.

They don’t understand that if I reach a certain amount of penalties I will be kicked out of the residence for the rest of my academic journey….
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