No luck with Roommates

The last time I posted on this site was right after I moved out of my freshman dorm room. Now as a sophomore I am currently rooming in a traditional double with a friend of mine. I thought that living with this friend was great. She is nice, and seemed like a good person. I was dead wrong. Upon moving in with her I discovered that she was extremely clingy. Never leaving my side when she was not in the room. My friends nicknamed her my girlfriend. I talked to her about her being around me too much and she dismissed it. So I resorted to just not coming back to the room unless I knew I was not going to be leaving for the night.
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Army lads, more like Barmy lads.

I’m in my second yea of Uni in the UK, first year went great, met some great people, had some great times, smooth sailing.
Then it came time to move out of halls and find houses. Long story short, I didn’t move in with my friends because of some complications and ended up having to find a house with complete strangers.
I met up with them first, to see what they were like. They said they were quiet, Third years who wanted to get on with their work, both were involved with the Army, pub people-not club people.

They lied to my face. What I didn’t realise was that when they said “pub people” they meant it literally. Without even talking to me first, I come home to find they’ve built a full size heafty wooden fully functioning BAR in our living room. My house was a pub. This was funny at first. A few snapchats and jokes with friends later, I soon realised it was the worst thing to happen to me. Within a fortnight they’d gotten us (at LEAST) five noise complaints from neighbours and two police visits. I hadn’t even spent one night in the house and I was phoning my parents in tears, scared shitless listening to the loud music, shouting and crashing and banging.
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Just a list

I’m just going to leave a list. 1) Has good job, buys nice stuff whenever he wants but can never get me his share of the rent on time. 2) Too lazy to do dishes, so he uses paper plates, plastic silverware and plastic cups but never empties the trash. 3) Smokes in the bathroom with the fan on then sprays tons of air freshener to cover it up thinking he is getting away with it. 4) Totally denies that his little drop-kick dog pees everywhere despite the yellow stains in the carpet by all the chair legs. 5) Dirty clothes everywhere. Every. Where. Dirty underwear even on the kitchen counter. 6) Can’t replace a used up roll of paper towels or toilet paper. Can’t seem to ever remember to buy the same. 7) Leaves the toilet seat down when he pees. Can’t aim at all. 8) Gets up frequently for midnight snacks. Crumbs everywhere. 9) Says “Dinner’s on me tonight!” then forgets his wallet. 10) Thinks there’s nothing wrong with walking into the kitchen and cutting a loud fart while I’m eating breakfast. 11) Never remembers to lock the door and when he does he forgets his keys.

The worst thing is? He’s my boyfriend and I still love him.
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The Vegan and the Maniac

After graduating high school I found myself in a bad place financially. I’d been living with my uncle and his various girlfriends since middle school, and I’d been tossing him some money to help cover the rent every week since I got my first job at sixteen. But practically the moment that diploma touched my hand he was on me, telling me it was time I started finally pulling my weight around here and that I was going to be paying half the rent and half the utilities as well as putting money towards groceries every month from now on. Now maybe that’s a fair thing to ask of someone who has a full time job, but keep in mind, I’m just a kid working part time. Practically all the money I got that wasn’t going to car insurance or gas I was giving to him already. I tried to reason with him, even pointed out that his girlfriend (who was living with us) never paid any of the bills or put money towards food, but he wouldn’t have it. Eventually it got to the point where I, an 18 year old working at Best Buy, was paying about 60% of all the expenses while him and his girlfriend (who both had part time jobs on and off) had to be nagged day and night to cover any part of their own half.
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I consider myself a pretty liberal guy. With me its always been live and let live and I can be friends with just about anyone so when my roommate told me he was gay and had a steady boyfriend I told him that although I am not gay it didn’t bother me at all that he is. I was planning on having the same roomie I had last year, but he decided mid-summer to take a year off college so student housing put me with a freshman and this is who I got.

So on move-in day the first thing he does is start showing off his collection of sexy underwear for me. Not modeling them thank god, just holding them up and telling me a different story about each pair. It was actually pretty hilarious and he had me cracking up laughing so I’m thinking he’s going to be an alright guy.
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Shut the door!

I live in an old apartment building with two other girls. It’s a university owned building and sort of trashy but I don’t mind it. What I don’t like is one of my roommates. I think she was born in a barn or something because she never shuts doors and has no modesty at all. I have friends over and she sits on the toilet with the bathroom door wide open. The day after she moved in I just got out of the shower and was drying off and she barged right in the bathroom, sat on the toilet and started to take a crap. She never shuts her bedroom door even when she’s getting dressed.
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Terrible Human

Sarah and I were friends before she started dating my brother Justin. Fast forward three years. Sarah joined the Air-force and left the state. She was hurt by a stranger at her new assignment and was transferred back home for medical reasons. She moved into a two bedroom, one bath house with me. Consequently, so did Justin. It has been eight months since she transferred back home, only eight months since she leased this house with me. In that time, I have decided she is the worst human being on the planet.
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