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The dictator

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Dirty, two faced slob (Graphic)

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Two-faced Girlfriend levitra20mgcouponvsviagranic The first few months of living with my roommate was great. We planned weekend adventures together, had friends slept over quite often, and went out to buy unimpressive furniture that seemed extravagant to us since it was our first apartment. I’d say we bonded quite a bit in those first 6 months. He was nice, cleaned up after himself, would discuss any concerns at the time.
This bliss of a time was of course short lived as 6 months into the move he found a girlfriend that seemed to fit herself into the equation. That equation being moving in, free of charge, of course. Said girlfriend seemed really nice at first; she made him happy and being as he’s not much of a morning person her being there certainly turned him into a morning person. She also influenced him to eat healthier and to get out more. A few months in and I got to experience just how horrible this was all going to be for me.
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Chinese exchange student and Love Shack

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should l ignore them too!

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