Daddy’s Little Girl

imageI had just gone through a bad breakup and needed a roommate stat. I met ‘Becky’ on Craigslist, we met at a coffeehouse and while she 6 years younger (just turned 21), she seemed calm and said how much she just wanted a chill space to live in. Agreed! She loves animals. Yay! Let us live together in bliss!
She ran through jobs like she was Goldilocks looking for some porridge – ‘This one’s too boring, this one has too much drama, this one makes me actually work…”. Her daddy bailed her out on rent and bills every time, which she always took for granted and which is also why she never took anything seriously.
Her boyfriend was cute but dumb as a sack of rocks. A very high, blonde, chiseled sack of rocks. They were either high and drunk together, or fighting because they both cheated on each other constantly. “No drama!”
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Not My Problem

I had a roommate who, about 9 months in to living together, moved her then boyfriend (now fiancĂ©) in without asking or telling me. For the first month I didn’t mind. But as the weeks drew on and he kept quitting and starting new jobs and not paying for rent or bills, I started to notice a pattern. It started Soon after he moved in, I started noticing medications disappearing (medications that had little or no street value and were detrimental to my health.)
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Roommates are scamming me

20160503_122654I have 3 roommates who seemed great when I met them on my last day in Ny to apt search. A month later I now live here and realized they totally took advantage that I was moving from out of town in order to get my money but don’t come through on verbally agreed to terms. I was only told days before that they didn’t install the shower that they were supposed to, and then when I arrived the bedrooms were not completed either! The only thing was a half wall making my “bedroom” plywood, but don’t lean on it or you’ll fall through since the other side of the wall isn’t completed. The storage space I was to have? They filled it with their own junk and refuse to make room for me. Now I’m crammed into my bedroom the consists of a twin bed, and all my boxes piled high around me. And I pay the most rent but don’t get storage space, but they do! On top of that, they made it so that I don’t get a check deposit back, I can only get it back as rent payments, so now I’m forced to stay here for 2 more months or else lose my deposit. I will NEVER trust verbal promises again. 1 plus is that I now have material and motivation to start blogging again. Doris Rantz will be chock full of text messages and evidence of this injustice, I have already started!

*the picture is the space with their crap, minus a couple items that they took away, but the opposite side is just as bad.
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So I’ve always had a horrible roommates, but these two were by far the worst. They were A male and a female, let’s call them G and K. I had known K since high school, and we are close friends although she was a horrible influence on me. She had convinced me to move in with her and her friend G. We all lived in a one bedroom house, G lived in the bedroom, K lived in the study, and I lived in the study’s closet. I’m naturally a very patient person, so this didn’t bother me. Things started out well, Jihad a job, K was going to school, and I took care of the house. Things started to go downhill as soon as G lost his job due to an “injury” that didn’t exist. Since rent still had to be paid, I went out and got a job at a store down the street. I had a job up until the day we moved about six months later.
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the bitch

Never have I ever met a more narcissistic person in my life than this girl. Although she is the bane of my and my two other roommates she is “perfect” in her eyes. Smokes incessantly, with no regard for our comfort in the apartment when none of us want to smell weed in our home. She’s over dramatic, complains all the time, is the least courteous person any of us have ever met, and YET has the gall to say that she is the best among us because she has done our dishes a few times. The girl has no regard for anyone but herself, she is rude, loud, dramatic, and emotional and even once I leave this situation I will never forget her as the worst person I have ever met.
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So I go to a medium sized school in the middle of Michigan thats known for its hockey, pharmacy, optomotry, enginineering, and the end of the year bash called FerrisFest. The actually event is on campus, but over 2000 people show up to the apartment complex I live at each year to party. This year, along with the last two years here, my apartment got trashed by the random people walking in and using the bathrooms. It comes with the territory. Anyways, the next day our lazy roommate that weve already had problems with decided that she would put a handful of cans into the return bag and call it quits. My other roommate and I cleaned and sanitized the entire house, except for the upstairs (where me and the lazy girls rooms are).
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Most racist roommates

I am getting ready move only after two months living with what I thought were great ppl only after turns out that are users liars lazy and insane at times they used slurred racism and downgrade to my parents and siblings been emotional distraught getting place on my mind. Til than no one but me gets food and drinks and no burrowing money
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