Living with 2 giants!

I’m 34, was living in a great apartment just me and my girlfriend, everything was great, but then out of no where, she breaks up with me and says its time to move on to bigger and better things, so I pack my stuff and go.
My buddy Lance lets me crash at his place for a while, things are great for a while, we hang out, have some beers, play some video games and watch some flicks, then Lance lets another of his buddies crash here too. The apartment is really small, 1 bedroom place, I was sleepin on the couch/bed and Lance in his room, then his buddy moves in, so now I have to share a bed with Lance because his buddy needs the couch bed, his buddy is a huge guy, 6’10” and over 500 pounds, Lance is pretty huge as well at 6’6″ and 400! Me, I’m the opposite, I’m 5’4″ and 130 and lean.
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Worst Decision EVER!

I live in a house with 3 others girls. The one room had to be filled with a random person we found online. She seemed great at first, seemed to have close family ties and a lot going for her. She claimed to be working full time while in school and playing a varsity sport. We expected a busy and responsible roommate. She also warned us that she had a cat who was hypoallergenic so my severe allergy to cats shouldn’t be a problem.

It wasn’t too long after she moved in that we began to notice things weren’t adding up. There was no cat; even though school was out for the summer, she wasn’t working anywhere close to full time hours; stories she had told in the past had changed; etc. 3 days after moving in, she threw a party when I had to work the next morning. Her friends were terribly rude and left a ridiculous mess which took her days to clean up.
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“King” of the House

imageI’m in a house of five other students close to our college campus, and this one dude is a giant asshole.

We had our first “house meeting” just to set some ground rules and learn a little bit about each other. He created a whole list on a white board and ran the “house” meeting. If you spoke or tried to talk about something else not on the list or out of order he would yell at you. When we finally got a word in about some things we wanted or that bothered us, he told us all that life is tough and we would learn to adapt. Learn to adapt to his way of living, the way he wanted all of us to live in the house.

He doesn’t believe in wireless, cable, or dishwashers. He leaves gigantic messes everywhere and is keeping his mini fridge and half his belongings in our kitchen area. He doesn’t want us to flush to conserve water. He loudly sings and vocalizes all hours of the day. He takes food and materials off of other people’s food shelves.
He wants a of us to post our schedules and show when we are here or not. He wanted to charge a fee for our parking spot, and charge everyone else more for rent since he has to [volunteered to] share a room.

Attached is the photo of him finding a dish with a spot on it. Maybe if you believed in dishwashers it wouldn’t have been there. It’s been a month exactly in our twelve month lease. I will not survive.
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Don’t move in with your best friend.

A few years ago, I had recently met up over Facebook with a girl I had known for years. We weren’t super close before, but after we started talking over Facebook we realized that we were basically the same person! That we had tons in common. Quickly, we became best friends. Let’s call her W.
Despite living several hours apart we spent many weekends together, having the time of our lives. However, after about 5 months, my family was moving across the country and I was going, also.
W decided to come, too. So she and I got an apartment together. And at first it was grand, we spent our nights eating takeout and enjoying life as best friends. But then she met a guy, J.
Now I had nothing against her dating- I dated a lot, I had one short-term boyfriend and a few flings here and then.
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I could have made this post a lot longer. He has been our roommate for two years, and will be thankfully moving into his own place in two months. So to make a long story short, I will list all of the dumb crap he does so you know how NOT to be a shitty roommate:
– taking major dumps in the toilet and not flushing, or taking sticky black craps and not having the decency to give the toilet a scrub. Not flushing the toilet 85% of the time.
– hanging out in the single bathroom we have between three people doing god knows what and leaving puddles on the counter.
– using a half a roll of toilet paper per crap and only offering to buy toilet paper twice in two years, and buying the cheap shit when you do.
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Don’t ever move into a property you haven’t inspected fml

I just stumbled across this website and thought I’d share the most infuriating, worst experience of sharing a house I’ve had.

I had to get out of my previous place ASAP, and although I knew the two girls I was moving in with well (or so I thought), it was super rushed and I didn’t assess the situation well before I moved in because I hadn’t even seen the place. So anyway, these girls, let’s call them Bec and Sam, they’d rented this house fairly impulsively and had no idea how to even simply maintain a house. They hadn’t cleaned the bathrooms once, hadn’t had the lawns mowed at all or the kitchen properly before I’d moved in (a sum total of 5 months).
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It’s a conspiracy? VERY LONG.

So here is my story, from less than 2 days ago. I apologize for the length, but it’s intricate. It began last summer, sometime in late July or August, my memory is a little shit with dates. One of my best friends who was living with me for about 6 months to a year started dating a girl, that got him hooked on drugs. I started to notice when he would disappear during the month right as rent was due, then give me a half ass story when he got back and paid up. After a few months I told him, “I love ya buddy, but one more time and you have to go”, and he agreed but wouldn’t admit to why he was always late but made about 2000+ a month. His rent was never more than 650. I had been saving for months, and knew it would come around where he vanished. He didn’t respond to me, my fiance who lived with us, or our fellow friends. After 3 days I become incredibly worried and contact his mother online.
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