No more dorm rooms, EVER!

Next year I am NOT LIVING IN THE DORMS! All in one week my roommate had a crying screaming temper tantrum because I refused to throw her disgusting dirty underwear in with my laundry, dumped the contents of my desk drawer onto my bed and left it there looking for an AA battery, threw her cellphone hard up against the wall then opened the window and threw a glass-framed picture of her boyfriend out our 4th floor window onto a busy sidewalk below all because he said he couldn’t come that weekend as planned, got drunk at a party then puked all over our door trying to make it to the bathroom, trashed her iPad because Facebook kept crashing on her, and threatened to kick my ass because I was making her gain weight by keeping food in the room.
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I moved in with Dan (not his real name) this past August after answering an ad he posted in the local free paper. He was renting a spare bedroom in a house owned by his mother who lives in Arizona. The house is pretty run-down, badly in need of paint on the outside, hardly any insulation in the walls, just one small bathroom with rotting floor boards, a very small kitchen and just two bedrooms. Although the house isn’t very nice I took the room because Dan seemed very friendly and the rent is dirt cheap, something very hard to come by in a California coastal college town.
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Definition of Psycho

I have a roommate from hell.
I live with 3 other girls, we are all on a college soccer team. I am friends with the 2 girls in the other room, but the one I share a room with is a psycho b****.
It started out as us being best friends. Everything was fantastic, but then she made friends with another girl and ditched me completely, even when I was in and out of the hospital for a week. I did not really care, until I noticed she does not clean up after herself. She does not do her dishes, leaves trash on the counters, and never helps clean. Then it just went downhill. We stopped being friends, and we did not even talk. It is kinda awkward sharing a small room with someone when you do not even talk with them.
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You people don’t know

I was reading some of the storys on here and you people don’t know what a bad roommate is. The second night in our dorm room, my roommate came back from a party so fucking drunk he couldn’t stand up and threw up all over his bed and ended up sleeping on the floor. He got this smokeless vapor pipe that he paid like a fortune for so he could smoke his weed in our room. He won’t share his weed with anyone and is stoned all the time.
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For the past couple years my older sister and I had been splitting rent in a very nice, small apartment (actually, the upper story of a house converted into an apartment) then my sister got engaged and announced that she was moving in with her fiance. I was all worried about having to find a roommate but my sister said not to worry because one of the girls she works with is looking for a place and is really nice. “Ann” was invited over to dinner and we met and spent the evening talking. I thought Ann was nice, just a little weird with all the mystic stuff, and figured everything would be fine.
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Is There A Such Thing As A Good Roommate?

Thinking on it, I have never had a good roommate. Perhaps my first semester of college. We never saw each other, except at the end of the semester when we were packing and found out that the girl who left first had taken all the belongings that were in shared spaces (living room and kitchen). Fun.
My next place was probably the worst. Male roommate who was disgusting. It was his parents house (I knew them thus how I ended up there), so when he quit his job to smoke weed and play CoD all day, somehow I got stuck with all the rent and bills. Between work and school, I was rarely home, but it was trashed whenever I was. We’re talking fast food wrappers and spilt bong water on the floor, trash bags piled by the door, bugs, and moldy dishes piled high. And it was a nice place to start! I went so far as to throw away all the dishes in the house and told him (and his cousin, who had also somehow moved in) that they could use paper plates until they learned to clean the dishes. It didn’t make a difference.
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Passive-aggressive right-wing control freak

After moving in with several friends, an extremely bizarre family emergency caused me to have to seek another roommate in a hurry. Out of desperation, I found one off of Craigslist and was relieved. Let’s call him Richard, because he is a massive d**k. He was only 23 and owned his own house, albeit in an up-and-coming planned community in the middle of freaking nowhere. At first, I respected him a great deal for this, and he seemed like an easy-going guy with a lot of neat hobbies. I was just incredibly grateful to have found a place, and a fairly nice one to boot. Unknown to me at the time, I had just gone from the frying pan to hell’s barbecue pit.
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