Unbelievably Fake

photo-1My roommate had a friend over for three nights and four days, and since that roommate drove hours to come see her, I decided I be extra nice and stay out of the room as much as possible, even to asked someone to spend the night at their place for a night. She already picked the “better” side of the room during move in, as in, she left me the window side where the sun directly hits your bed at 7-8am every morning and the side that is divided smaller and put right in front of the bathroom, but I gave her the benefit of the doubt, and thought to still be nice and advise her on the campus, school, professors, etc. She even uses my microwave daily, and I never complain to her about the things she does, while she always complained about things I couldn’t control. I can explain those too if you like. (It’s not things like leaving hair all over her side of the room even after they become multiple hair balls like she did to me)

Anyway, so when her friend was over, they would use the hairdryer, microwave, and chit chat while giggling starting at 8am in the morning! So I messaged her what the picture says.

I don’t know if I’m allowed to upload her response, so I’ll summarize it instead. She said that she “appreciated [me] leaving me the room,” but since she never asked me to, it has nothing to do with her. And she said that they didn’t use the hairdryer until after 11am, while omitting using MY microwave, which is right next to my bed, at 9am. It woke me up, so I checked the time on my phone. Also, that they were “reasonably quiet” with the chit chatting and giggling.

Did I mention that although she kept saying she missed her friend, while she spent a whole day asking her friend for help in one of her classes? I even heard her say, “Haha, you wouldn’t happen to have taken stats too?”

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Immature 27 year old woman

My most recent roommate is a disgusting, slutty, loud mouthed, and extremely hypocritical bitch-skank who eats rotten fruit. I’m serious. She’d buy so much fruit, let it rot for a few weeks where mold was everywhere then she eats it! Fruit flies would reproduce like they need to repopulate for the entire world in my apartment. She would buy a load of food in general and forget about it then throw more than half of it away. She doesn’t even remember what she buys! Then she complains that my boyfriend and I take all the fridge room when our stuff just takes about 40% of it. That’s for two people. She leaves food, dishes, and clothes everywhere.
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Messy and loud with an unemployed lazy bf

So where to begin …

I’ll admit that I’m a very tidy person, I ALWAYS do my dishes, usually before I’ve even eaten, and clean up after myself and it does aggravate me when other people don’t, so ..

I live with a girl I went to college with and we were acquaintances there. Started off ok, I noticed she’s a chronic door slammer, always playing loud music etc but I could tolerate that stuff.

She’s now got a new boyfriend who doesn’t live in the same city as we do. He’s unemployed, so he’ll come and stay with us for weeks on end, never contribute a thing, he plays the guitar so sits OUTSIDE my bedroom ALL day when I’m trying to study playing and singing at the top of his lungs. He’ll sit in our kitchen playing loud music on his laptop like he owns the place.
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The defecating psycho dog beater racist

Ohhhhh my goodness I just had a great ride with a tragic human being. I invited a coworker to live at my place while he was going through hard times. His job had cut his hours down to half and he was struggling (not struggling enough to buy pot everyday so thats pretty cool I guess…). My rent is over $1100 and I offered him $375 to stay in my 2nd bedroom including his dog and cat. He still questioned my rent total and I had him check it out himself. Red flag right? At immediate arrival his animals urinate and defecate all over my carpet. This happened on a weekly basis for almost 2 months. I had to clean his own feces off my bathroom floor and all on the top of the toilet seat on two separate occasions before leaving for work.
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Serious OCD, they thew away my food ! And eat it !


I wanna start by saying that there will always be problems and issues, when you live with roomates. BUT they can be solved I think, if ppl are resonable about it, and want to keep living under the same roof..

I am very tolerant as a person. I don`t care if roomates listen to music out loud, cry, clean too much, swear too much.. have no problem

The only thing that bothers me, is when someone is trying to dictate and tell me what to do. And when to do. And how to do. And intrudes my space, has no boundaries..as in this case

Lived with aaaal types of ppl, good stories bad stories. Current situation, a couple and another guy. BUT they are like a clique and despite their age act like 2 year olds
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real peace of work

My old roommate was a real peace of work to be around he is the lazyest person i now he would never help with the cleaning and when he did he would do a realy bad job at it. he would never shair anything he was rude selfish and lazy he had his head so far up his bum it wasnt even funny it was like pulling teeth to get him to do stuff around the house. when i got my dog he went to the bathrom in the house a few times witch is expected no big deal but the roommate would leave it there on the floor all day for 8hrs untill i came home from work for me to do, i understand its my dog but dude come on leaveing that for 8hrs is just gross and not healthy at all and just plan lazyness and one time the dog peed on the floor and when i got home i asked about the wet patch on the floor he said the dog peed and he tried to clean it up but clarely he didnt so i made him claen it up there and then infront of me and he did i told him if ur going to live with me he has to do his fair shair of the cleaning. when he moved in i gave him one job to clean the bathroom we lived togehter for almost a year and might of cleand it 3 or 4 times it drove me nuts. now he has a new roommate who is girl. so now he is acting all fake and being a good rommmate because its a girl and they dont put up with that kinda crap i realy want to tell her how he realy is but he hangs out with the same friends as me so it would just make things worse. iv never hated somwone so much in my life.
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The Bunny Burrow

A year ago, my boyfriend decided to move across the country to live closer to me. It was the middle of summer, and being rather new to renting a room, took one of the first places offered to us on Craigslist. The room was about 45 min away from my home, and in a very nice, old home. The landlady, a woman I’ll call Babs was a nice, older Chinese woman (or so I thought at the time) who rented out a huge house to multiple people. There was the ‘main’ house, which had her (and her family), a couple, and a single guy, and originally, us. There was also a basement with three rooms in it, which we poked around at when we were picking rooms, but it was very dark and dank.

For a few months, it was nice – my boyfriend picked a room at the very top of the house, and it was bright, warm, and sunny. However, rent was a little too expensive and the couples in the house were loud, so we decided to move into the creepy basement. We’d escape the noise and pay less. We called the basement “The Bunny Burrow” to try and put a cute spin on our dark little hole.

That’s when shit got sour.
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