Another Radical Vegan

I spent a year living with a radical vegan. She went vegan on me two months after we moved in together after making friends with this other girl in one of her classes. It was almost instant- from having bacon and eggs one morning to going on mad rants about the meat industry in the afternoon. First thing she did after her sudden “enlightenment” as she called it, was I went grocery shopping the day before and while I was at classes she threw out every last bit of dairy and meat product I had bought. That was almost $50 in groceries that I came home to find in the dumpster in the parking lot. I had a fit and demanded that she pay me back for everything she threw away. At first she refused, but later handed me a $20 bill and muttered “I’m sorry.”
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After Sue decided not to tell Keri about her move out plans which would greatly interfere with the new leasees moving in.

Email #1:

Hi Sue,

We need to clear up some things regarding the passing of the keys.

I am very frustrated that you never talked to me or even asked if you could stay the extra night. Of course I wouldn’t want to put you out. However, staying until 2pm on the first is really complicating things. You did not communicate your moving plans to me in advance and by staying into the afternoon you are really putting out the people whose lease starts and are trying to move in. Luckily the ladies moving in are being very flexible adjusting to your schedule so I know it will work out but this is still something we should talk through. I am home tonight so we can discuss this further and make a more reasonable plan but I figured our schedules wouldn’t line up for a few more days so this was the best way to catch you.
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Roommates did Porn

I had the WORST two years of my life living with roommates. I lived in a four bedroom college apartment, where the complex assigns you roommates. Anyway, these two girls moved in and after a month, I noticed they would have really loud, obnoxious sex (dirty talk included). Then one night, I was laying awake in my room listening to their conversation, and realized they were talking about sex and videos, and making money…that sounds like…porn! Shortly there after, I got into a fight with one of their boyfriends and he confirmed they did indeed all do porn, and he was a naked model for gay men. Needless to say, the constant sexual noises in my apartment made it so that I could never even invite my friends over out of embarrassment and the one time my mom asked to see my apartment, I was terrified we’d walk in on it! Ugh, it was truly a disgusting nightmare.
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When i was in college i lived with a close friend and some of his friends on campus. For the most part they were cool but one of them had a girlfriend who had to be the biggest moocher on earth. She wasnt on the lease but never left our house. She was always shaving in the bath and leaving her hair in it. Her idea of clean would have made even the most disease ridden fly on earth cringe. Worst part was if anyone other than her boyfriend suggested she clean up her messes she would throw a hissy fit saying it wasnt her house so it wasnt her responsibility. She ate all of our food, took hour long showers, left her space heater on even when she wasnt there thus racking up our electricity bill, and even threw a temper tantrum at me when i made an effort to clean the festering stink hole she made out of our kitchen. All without paying a single penny for rent, food, gas or electricity
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F**k you N

Finished my first university year and I had 3 roommates,2 were ok(one of them was most of the time away)but one of them was evil incarnated.He had all that I hate and try not to be.
A fucking jamaica style asshole with filthy dreads and cocky attitude.He was lazy as fuck and soooooo messy,never clean dishes,never clean his table,toothpaste and brush were in the same place with his underwear and shoes,under his bed was total chaos and he didn’t switched shoes so the shoes he was wearing outside he wore it inside(in the winter was a nightmare).He played guitar while we slept with no shame,had no laptop so he “borrowed” mine without permission(until i stood up so he sw to another roommate’s laptop),he shouted with no reason and always ALWAYS sang songs with his jamaica style voice.
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The Radical Vegan – I’ve never been more happy to move out

I lived alone for my first two yers of college. When single dorm prices went up, I realized I needed roommates. I ended up living in an apartment with 3 roommates that were less than sane, and the craziest one without a doubt was the one I shall refer to as vegan girl. Vegan Girl drank 20 bananas in smoothie form every day, and would keep a box of BLACK bananas under her bed, which led to a fruit fly infestation. She also claimed that drinking them cured cancer. That isn’t even scratching the surface of crazy, though.( To be clear: I have nothing against vegans that aren’t ssholes to people who aren’t vegan. )My best friend was her roommate our freshman year, and she had warned me not to live with her. I thought she was a relatively harmless, ditzy person though so I sort of shrugged off the warning cuz I needed a place to live.
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Selfish Roommate

I had a roommate for a two months who I met for the first time after knowing her for 10 years. We were best friends. Let me just tell you. She was a nightmare. She said she’d help out with rent. She would look for a job.. SHE DIDN’T DO EITHER. I live in an apartment. She would blast the TV in my room at night. And leave it on all night with the window open. She would freeze my room out so bad. I ended up having to sleep out in the living room. I gave up everything for her to be comfortable. I would barely eat because I was always paying for her. She never once cared about how I felt. Every time I would go in my room in the middle of the night and turn off the TV. She also would leave my bedroom light on when she wasn’t in there. Our rent bill went way up and she only payed $10 to me throughout her entire stay. She basically took over my entire place. I gave her a place to stay because no one else would take her in. Now I see why. She was the most selfish person I’ve ever known. I knew she was stubborn before she moved in but it was ALWAYS about her.
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